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So maybe there might be some degree of accountability for executing an innocent man? The Washington Post is reporting : In a major turn in one of the country’s most-noted death penalty cases, ...
by Dallas L
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Cameron Todd Willingham was almost certainly not ...
by jpmassar
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The Washington Post has just published an article headlined " Fresh doubts over a Texas execution " on the front page of their website; it blows open the case involving the execution of Todd ...
by Dallas L
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Cases I have worked on since the beginning are Texas nationally known case of Cameron Todd Willingham (a father who lost his children in a fire and was wrongfully executed for it happening)
by laserhaas
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TOOLS OF THE TRADE U ntil 1923, with the exception of four men executed by firing squad during the Civil War, ...
by Shef
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(Also published at What Would Jack Do? )
by Jack Cluth
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By now, you're pretty familiar with Rick Perry's operating style. In a nutshell, it's: Stay out of Texas Speak only about the future, and then only in vague generalities Reinvent the ...
by cassandracarolina
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not according to me - I am opposed to capital punishment according to his own reasoning Cameron Todd Willingham was sentenced to death for committing an arson, the resulting fire having killed his ...
by teacherken
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Take action: sign the petition telling debate moderators to ask Rick Perry about the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham.
by Laura Clawson
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The presidential aspirations of Rick Perry are (ironically enough) bringing with them a fresh awareness of the very real existence of wrongful convictions. In the tragic case ...
by DParker
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Asked the biggest difference between himself and George W. Bush, Texas governor and ...
by Jon Perr
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The WeeklyBUG is a report on the Bad, Ugly and Good the previous week. Unfortunately, this blogger has been severely ill and had major problems (l ike room rent - can't make money in bed )
by laserhaas
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There remains no greater evil than the manifest injustice of those in power who abuse their citizens for political gain. Holding one of the highest badges of achievement in this area can go to TX ...
by laserhaas
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No State shall...deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. -14th Amendment That constitutional guarantee ...
by JR
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Before this was even written, I'd decided I needed to name this post after a Metallica album, but I just couldn't choose one: Kill 'Em All?, Ride the Lightning? Master of Puppets? ..And ...
by baikal
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Photo by Back to ...
by RhodaA
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Tomorrow, Texas plans to execute Hank Skinner, a death-row inmate who has been begging for the right to have tested the DNA evidence found at the scene of the crime for which he was convicted. ...
by JR
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Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy : Gov. Rick Perry's sudden decision to ...
by JR
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Last week, a Texas attorney named David Martin made an ass of himself and likely violated his ethical obligations when, during an interview on Anderson Cooper 360, he repeatedly declared that his ...
by JR
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Much has been written here about Cameron Todd Willingham , a likely innocent executed by the State of Texas. His case may represent ...
by soothsayer99
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