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More than any other election, I find myself very emotional this season. Weary, wary, anxious. All coming out because of a glimmer of something shining through my cynicism. What could that be? Now, ...
by UnaSpenser
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Well, praise the ammunition and pass the Lord , by golly! Can we add a new term to the lexicon?: Prayer Warrior! Maybe I'm a little slow. I do count myself a news addict ...
by msirt
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The Stone Age didn't end because we ran out of stones. John McCain and Barack Obama both talk about energy independence. Both believe we need to drill for oil offshore. Obama says oil companies ...
by lfurman97
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I wish this were mine. Nonetheless, it needs a broader audience, particularly for all you ole D&D geeks out there (I happen to be one). The original can be found: http://somehedgehog....
by grog
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Two Days After McCain Tells His Supporters to be 'More Respectful' of His Opponent, Palin Again Stokes Fear and Loathing Against Obama by Branding Him a 'Terrorist Sympathizer' at Ohio ...
by SkeeterVT
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On March 18, 2008, Barak Obama gave a speech on "Race". His speech, that day, in Philidelphia, Pa was titled: "A More Perfect Union". He addressed many issues: Reverend Wright, the racial ...
by Day24Day7
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Republican strategist, and McCain admirer Mike Murphy gave his assessment of the Colin Powell endorsement in a post at Time's ...
by Hesiod
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This will be short as the show hasn't aired yet. I saw a report on The New York Times' site ...
by UnaSpenser
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Anyone remember this winner, "How would it affect your vote if you knew John McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child?" That was a "push poll" from the South Carolina ...
by Batensmack
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I'd like to see the Obama campaign turn the Ayers story into one that fits the message of his campaign: The audacity of hope. They could do so with a statement such as this: William ...
by UnaSpenser
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This letter was sent to the New York Times editorial board by William C. Ibershof, who ...
by DannyB
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Most prognosticators have backed away from considering Mary Landrieu's senate seat to be vulnerable next month but two recent developments serve as able indicators that this race is indeed over.
by wecouldbefamous
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Call me slow. Really slow. For most of my adult life, I've wondered what the attraction to bad boys are. Why would anyone see the explosively angry nature of a McCain, or the anti-intellectual ...
by UnaSpenser
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I am not really shocked about this. Not anymore. I thought that McCain was allowing this to happen but had no proof until now. See below for article link to time and huffPO JUMP...
by cherbear
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This may have been diaried a lot already, but I think it bears repeating, and Frank Rich's column today did a great job of summarizing the ugly behavior that the McCain-Palin campaign has instigated ...
by lastamendment
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Imagine if you woke up one of these next few days and found out that Palin had to "withdraw" from the race because of blah-blah , and McCain then had picked Mittens as his VP. 1. Would ...
by xhibi
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The US has joined the Third World. I am not talking about its economy, which is in pretty bad shape to be sure. I am talking about its political discourse, which has in these last few days devolved ...
by wheatdogg
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I didn't see anyone else mentioning this, and I got a good chuckle out of it. A little surprising as it amounts to a royal endorsement of Barack Obama. Who is it?
by Niniane
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We ‘lost’ Vietnam: does this make John McCain’s captivity less heroic, his military service less ‘honorable’? And if it doesn’t, why is he impugning the honor of ...
by millere
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UPDATE : This is not about whether health care is a right, responsibility or luxury. It's about whether providing health insurance should be a profit-driven market activity. The ...
by UnaSpenser
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