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We need climate policy above and beyond individual action; that much seems indisputable given the scope of the challenge. However the usual approaches are a bit wanting. The most common two ...
by barath
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Believe or not, Cap and Trade, which was enacted in Massachusetts and 9 other Northeastern States in 2008 has not brought their economy to the brink, it has actually created jobs and revenue and ...
by Ellinorianne
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It's rather embarrassing to admit this, but up until a week ago, I knew precious little about climate/emissions legislation, either in the US or abroad. I could mumble something about the US's ...
by enviro writer
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One thing I love about being a progressive is that in the longer term, we always win. Conservatives can only delay their imminent defeats. Take the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Patient ...
by Marcos9287
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First off, my favorite quote from testimony by the undoubtedly honorable Mr. Barry T. Smitherman Commissioner Texas Railroad Commission: If allowed to go forward, CSAPR will require a 47%
by Reinvented Daddy
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The economy needs more stimulus, pronto. There's no way in hell Congress will approve it. But the President doesn’t need Congress to use the EPA to clamp down on greenhouse emissions. That would ...
by HeyMikey
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I'm hoping many of the policy geeks @ Kos will stop by. As an initial national goal I've been really liking the idea that we can get 20% of our electricity from wind and 20% from solar in 20 yrs. We ...
by Roger Fox
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Many of us serve on the board of a nonprofit or have the desire to serve on the board of a nonprofit someday. Serving on the board of a nonprofit is your way of telling the world how important that ...
by MNDem999
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This will be the shortest diary I will probably ever write on Kos. (Gotta get to work.) I just returned from a vacation in the beautiful state of Idaho. The scenery was amazing – the time spent ...
by MNDem999
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(If you don’t know what ALEC is, you should (really, you should) – please read the links at the end of this diary.) Many of us hear about “cap and trade” on a regular basis and pay little ...
by MNDem999
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Left to its own devices what would the unrestrained Free Market ultimately 'create' ... What is its ultimate goal ? EcoEconomics in a ...
by jamess
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Just a brief shout out to Climate Change Deniers -- who'd rather prosecute Scientists , than look out their ...
by jamess
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When I first read this next blurb, I couldn't believe my eyes ...
by jamess
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Mr. President, if 2012 is "our campaign," then you need to make cap-and-trade a top priority! President Obama gave a rousing speech to donors yesterday. Snippets of it have been ...
by nklein
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The only way to send a clear message to Presdient Obama is to start working In Iowa, New hampshire and South Carolina. Until President Obama sees that blink red light that is his poltical career ...
by realdealdem
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This news just in ...
by rfall
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California is going to lead the way and pull America forward. Cap and trade ( in cali) was just approved, and California's system is working to be integrated with canada, china, and europe. This ...
by Itgetsbetter2012
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This lame duck session is going to go down in history where so many things were done in such little time.
by sreeizzle2012
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Cross-posted on Horse Head Soup : Okay, maybe I'm just dumb. But I'm not sure I understand what is so great about cap and ...
by Jon Stafford
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YESSSSS California. Home to Warrior Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The state that was totally spared from the 2010 shellacking. The state that is now way ahead in high speed rail with the additional funding ...
by sreeizzle2012
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