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Here's John Cassidy at the New Yorker: Why Didn’t Eric Holder Go After the Bankers? Amid all the coverage of Eric Holder’s resignation, I still haven’t seen a convincing answer to one question:
by ifthethunderdontgetya
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In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis caused by the Wall Street criminal racketeering cartel, average American people lost over a quarter of their net worth. According to WikiPedia , "[t]...
by Ray Pensador
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If you’re unfamiliar with UK geography, then you might not know the difference between “greater London” – where the Queen resides -- and “The City of London” – where the London Stock ...
by praenomen
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While the country is still shaking its collective head over the self-destructive insanity of the Republican party’s shutdown politics (my mother’s classic line: “I just keep wondering about ...
by Michael Lux
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There were big demonstrations at the Department of Justice a couple of weeks ago starting on May 20, including civil disobedience and arrests, and I wrote about these important demonstrations at the ...
by Michael Lux
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Elizabeth Warren has quickly demonstrated that it is still possible for officials of intelligence and integrity to publicly confront and investigate abuses of power and criminality with direct ...
by Words In Action
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Oh Mr. Breuer you did us so wrong. And you did the right thing when Max Smith at PBS busted you for your incompetence (collusion?) and you bowed out...and then we all said, "hey, I wonder what he'...
by aguadito
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Remember [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/01/23/1181548/--Justice-Dept-Criminal-Division-Chief-Lanny-Breuer-Abruptly-Resigns-After-PBS-Frontline-Appearance that pathetic interview of Department ...
by bobswern
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Once again, Matt Taibbi out does himself in his latest article at Rolling Stone , posted just a few hours ago at the magazine’s website: “’[http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/gangster-...
by bobswern
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I am really excited that the long overdue battle over immigration reform and a path to citizenship has finally begun in earnest. While I am heartsick at the reason, it is good news that common sense ...
by Michael Lux
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Wow, what a week. Anyone who wants to try and tell a clear, uncomplicated picture of President Obama and his party this week has to end the week a little befuddled. The picture is murkier than ever ...
by Michael Lux
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I've been following the unfolding massive financial catastrophe resulting from the looting of the nation's coffers by Wall Street criminals since at least 2006, way before the 2008 banking implosion.
by Ray Pensador
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As of just a few hours ago, the public is now being told that the DoJ's top person responsible for allowing our country's most egregious pillagers to walk away, scot-free failing to prosecute Wall ...
by bobswern
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Almost everyone is now critical of the bait-gun programs conducted to stop smuggling of US guns to Mexico. The most well-known of these is Fast and Furious, an unfortunate and self-important name of ...
by Jimmy Zuma
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The government's transparent attempt to save face in the collapse of its Espionage Act case against NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake is misleading. Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer of the ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer A charitable grader might have given the Obama Department of ...
by RogerShuler
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