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With adversity, also comes opportunity ... Here's one inventive company, that sees California's growing Drought problem -- and also sees it as a " unmet environmental need " ... one that parched ...
by jamess
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Unseasonable Wildfires are bad . [Image Source: Twitter May Have Saved Lives During CA Wildfire Tragedy -- dailygalaxy.com ] Unseasonable Wildfires are bad; so are crops that wither ...
by jamess
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Obama: To Honor Victims, We 'Have to Change' by Jessica Gresko, Associated Press, abcnews.go.com -- Sep 23, 2013 [...] "If we really want to honor these 12 men and women, if we really want to be ...
by jamess
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Say Goodbye to Gun Safety reform ... Say Goodbye to Immigration reform ... Say Goodbye to increasing Revenue from Taxes ... Say Goodbye to the American Jobs Act ... Say Goodbye to any serious ...
by jamess
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Or more precisely the Insurers' Insurers do. The Re-Insurers. Their long-run trend numbers are in. And the insurance forecast calls for pain. Emotional and Economic Pain. Lots of it . Swept in ...
by jamess
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No worries, you're not likely to hear about it anytime soon. Unless you're unlucky enough to find yourself in its path .... Nearly 200 countries to meet for UN talks on global warming Associated ...
by jamess
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If the Political Parties were competing Soda Products, the Republican's jingle that they would be universally known by would be: " No New Taxes ." And the Democratic Party's cola slogan would ...
by jamess
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Some things just speak for themself. Our most inconvenient of truths... Record Number Americans, Or 46.3 Million, Lived In Poverty Last Year; 49.9 Million Without Health ...
by bobswern
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And you thought it was Hot in your neck of the woods, this summer. Just take a serious look at the Texas Broiler that's been set on Scorching all summer ...
by jamess
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Black Sunday , April 14, 1935, Dodge City, Kansas --
by jamess
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Finally, some good news. After being out of work for way too long I've managed to snag a part time job. It starts tomorrow and, for what it's worth, it's better than a lot of the jobs out there. I ...
by bluerose
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With less fairy tale and more cautionary tale of "The New Normal" in mind, Brits, along with the rest of the world, have failed to imagine the relative ease terrorists would have in sabotaging ...
by freshrant
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So you want to see the "new normal?" Better think twice about that because it's ugly -- very, very ugly.
by Old Redneck
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We have two very strong traditions in America. One is conformist. Nose to the grindstone. Don't rock the boat. Play by the rules unless your boss demands otherwise. Buy low, sell high. Make ...
by goinsouth
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In the Fiscal Times today, at http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Issues/The-Economy/2010/09/30/The-New-Normal-is-Here-to-Stay.aspx?login=1, Eric Schurenberg writes about the new normal and how it may be ...
by Michael Bindner
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Meteor Blades asked some questions in his front page post this morning that we should all be ...
by goinsouth
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