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I saw on PoliticusUSA that the Koch Brothers' problems with the IRS have a big reason behind them. They don't control it with their billions of dollars, and now they're about to be investigated for ...
by jgsf1987
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This one's a doozy. Even some of my friends and family in Texas are squinting their eyes, twisting their arms and saying, "WTF?" The 'Open Carry Texas' group out of Houston has decided to march ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Houston Chronicle reports: AUSTIN – A judge on Monday is expected to seat a grand jury to begin looking into the threat that Gov. Rick Perry carried out to veto funding for the Public Integrity ...
by DRo
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Prayers for a speedy recovery and strength of heart to the Philippines . As one who has been called the white Filipino in the Poker Tournaments at Crystal Park in Compton, ...
by laserhaas
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As many are well aware, yours truly is out to nail Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Mitt Romney and their (secret) attorneys for fraud in eToys and related cases. What is a fact about the cases is,
by laserhaas
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The corporate beatings will continue until voter enthusiasm improves Rinse, wash, repeat Elect Dems. Watch Dems govern like the Republicans we rejected last decade. Watch Dem voters reject GOP ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Finally, after many years (and the arse kicking on Bain Capital issues we helped make happen) - even though the election is over - decided to tell of my battle against Mitt Romney and Bain ...
by laserhaas
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Color me disgusted, repulsed, sickened, outraged, anything but surprised. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (2002-2010) left Milwaukee County, and Milwaukee in particular, in an economic ...
by Black Max
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Those who are willing to create a monster should be aware that the monster can, and will, turn around and eat them . It's happening to the GOP right now. Bob Inglis can testify to ...
by Diogenes2008
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