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The last time I was motivated and agitated enough to write diaries here was about Arizona politics, and it was in 2010, when SB1070 had recently been signed into law by our unelected (at that time) ...
by CS in AZ
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Thank you to Citizens For A Better Arizona and Randy Parraz for protesting 5,000 cases of child abuse that have gone un-investigated Under the department that Az governor Jan Brewer oversees...In ...
by thedamnliberal
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Fantastic news from Arizona , courtesy of Stephen Lemons : the Joe Arpaio Recall has collected 169,283 Valid Signatures, with 166,034 More Needed by May 30 . Close to 1,000 people jammed the Painter'
by NewWorldMan
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There has been an intense Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting going on today, with detractors of the dear Sheriff walking out in disgust. Seems some people in AZ are singing a different ...
by notdarkyet
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*ALEC Week Wrap-up* There's Governor Brewer addressing ALEC. As most of you know by now, I went up to ...
by Azazello
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Public Policy Polling (PPP) release some extensive polling results for Arizona yesterday, and the results are a mix of good news, bad news, and plain old ugly news. David Nir mention some of the ...
by Dave in AZ
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For those of you who don’t live in the state of Arizona, let me recommend that you make a visit as soon as possible, in part to enjoy the wonderful weather and surroundings while most of the rest ...
by NastyJack
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I'm not sure everyone outside Arizona quite appreciates the magnitude of the recall of Russell Pearce. Trust me. It's huge. What I hope doesn't get lost on people is the work of Randy Parraz in ...
by Bob Lord
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Anyone who thought the campaign leading to the November 8 recall election of Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce was going be a civil debate of ideas hasn't been paying attention to this old twit'
by Mother Mags
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AZ Republican politicians took a tour of the fires in our state yesterday and figured it was a good time to throw the blame for the fires on immigrants, environmentalists and federal forest officials.
by notdarkyet
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AZ State Sen. Russell Pearce likes to throw around the “A” word. That’s right--Anarchists. If you listen to Russell Pearce you would think AZ is full of anarchists. If you’ve ever watched ...
by notdarkyet
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I've been immersed for the past couple of months in a whirlwind romance grassroots political campaign to get Randy Parraz the AZ democratic nomination for US senate. We thought we ...
by CS in AZ
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We are at a historic moment in Arizona, and it is not time for politics as usual. If we are going to take on the toxic and polluted politics of McCain, and Brewer, and Arpaio, we need to elevate the ...
by Randy Parraz
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Today, one day before the AZ primary, Randy Parraz picked up another significant endorsement, this time from Joe Sudbay at AmericaBlog, who says:
by CS in AZ
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The Arizona senate primary is this coming Tuesday. Two more days. The Tucson newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star , printed an article today informing the public that interest in the primary is ...
by CS in AZ
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Randy Parraz, Democratic candidate for the US Senate in Arizona, is poised to pull off a major upset in the Democratic primary this coming Tuesday in Arizona. As I previously ...
by john bonifaz
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We're down to the final days of the primary in Arizona, election being on Tuesday the 24th of August 2010. Early mail-in ballots have been out for a month roughly. There is four candidates on ...
by Jonze
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With primary election day approaching rapidly and early voting already open, the latest polls show a large percentage of voters still undecided about who to choose for our Democratic senate nominee, ...
by CS in AZ
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My good friend Randy Parraz is running for the United States Senate in Arizona. He is in a close race for the Democratic Party’s nomination with the primary election next Tuesday, August 24, ...
by john bonifaz
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Last week CNN called the Senate primary between Arizona Democrats Randy Parraz and Rodney Glassman "
by gina
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