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Medicare, not SUSTAINABLE !!!! It is not sustainable only if we let the Republicans stick us with Grover Norquist's goal of starving the government of revenue. How about some simple changes? ...
by rablrouzer
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This Open Letter ran in the Cleveland Jewish News today:
by progressivearlingtonian
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Many of you Kossacks are aware of the fact that Rove and his Super Pac hordes having been going all out pouring in millions of dollars to take out Sherrod Brown and replace him with of all things a ...
by NanaoKnows
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Andrew Breitbart’s recent death at the age of 43 has allowed talk show radio host Michael Savage to resurrect a supernatural conspiracy used to slime the Clintons. Savage postulates that ...
by MugWumpBlues
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In response to this recent confrontation at Netroots Nation , Andrew Breitbart directed his staff ...
by 100ProofPolitics
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Shirley Sherrod, as most of us know by now, is the Agriculture Department official vilified this week after a distorted video posted by right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart went viral.
by The Opportunity Agenda
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The discussions of the Shirley Sherrod case has been interesting and thoughtful, except when they reflect shock that a worker would be so mistreated. Missing is an appreciation of how unremarkable ...
by CanMyBossDoThat dot com
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Among the rational classes, it has been assumed that the reason Van Jones had to resign from his job in the White House was that he had signed a "Truther" petition. "Trutherism" is a conspiracy ...
by Auriandra
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Three New York Times Columnists gave the Shirley Sherrod incident their full attention this week. Frank Rich and Bob Herbert put a pox on everyone involved - the press, the administration and the ...
by galaxy quest
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On Thursday, July 22nd, Shirley Sherrod went on several shows to talk about her firing. That same evening, she talked to Anderson Cooper about the events of this past week and about the man who ...
by springbutt
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The entire spectacle about Shirley Sherrod's firing and subsequent attempted reconciliation by the USDA and now the even the president is ridiculous. There are much more important matters going on ...
by mos1133
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The current scandal over how Fox New "fooled" both the Obama Administration and the NAACP over doctored video of a speech Ms. Shirley Sherrod gave, points out a number of sad facts. One is ...
by niccolo caldararo
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Since President Obama reportedly very nearly apologized to Shirley Sherrod yesterday, some of the dust has settled around this ongoing kerfuffle, and we can now talk about the elements of the case, ...
by Mokurai
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So i posted a back and forth yesterday . I've known the guy for a while ...
by PatrickBatemanHBS
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Andrew Breitbart confesses on tape to using crack cocaine, being in rehab, narcissism and that he's a fraud!
by RebelWithAKos
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A little bit of this, a little bit of that. and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
by ejreed
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Andy Breitbart's "out" on the Sherrod video--or rather, on the edited version he posted--is that he posted all that he had. "Someone" sent him the video, and he ran with it. OK...
by AaronBa
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Why you say? Well at least most sane people know by now that Fox News cant be trusted and any story they push has a political motivation to hurt President Obama and exacerbate racial tensions. Can ...
by DFutureIsNow
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I feel compelled to keep reitorating my thoughts about Msnbc's similarity to Fox News. As I said before, the morning shows on MSNBC are very little different from Fox with being PROVOCATEURS. ...
by Taming the FOX
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What's really happening with the Sherrod controversy? Who is benefitting? Where's the focus? When did it happen? Those are the questions we should be asking, not the media's focus. What is Karl Rove'...
by KJG52
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