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It's a Red Letter Day , it is. Given the current War on Women , when you have an organization of nuns stand up for reproductive choice,
by Leslie Salzillo
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If you're LGBT, if you support marriage equality, if you need IVF - you can't teach in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Archdiocese of Cincinnati expands moral clause in teacher contracts [WLWT] "...
by davidmac2003
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we were informed Sunday, that our local Paulist priests will be replaced, and possibly the church will be totally redirected away from being a parish, and to be only of service to students. (We're ...
by askyron
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I am politically on the left, and have been for all my adult life. As a student, now many years ago, I worked in the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign in Wisconsin, went to the Soviet Union during the ...
by EricMaderLin
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In my ongoing online quest to have no friends or allies, I have decided to invite Kossacks too to weigh in at an online discussion of same-sex marriage I'm enmeshed in. You are welcome to stop by.
by EricMaderLin
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As an update to the post I had here in mid-November , it is now being confirmed that Pope Francis is prepping an encyclical, a letter to bishops and people worldwide, on the environment: The ...
by Aximill
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Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine, There's music, laughter and good red wine. At least I've always found it so, Benedicamus Domino. - Hilaire Belloc The problem for too many LGBT Catholics (and ...
by gaycatholic
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WND riles up the Crazies: Pope Francis’ insistence in his new apostolic exhortation that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Quran are opposed to every form of violence” is drawing ...
by hotdamn
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Sometimes in this crazy world we live in it is the youngest members of our societies who stand up and remind us what true human decency, integrity, bravery and compassion are. Sometimes it is they ...
by Dave The Sandman
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The Congregation for Bishops oversees the selection of new bishops and their picks usually are confirmed by the Pope. Whoever is named to this committee has a large say in who should be a new bishop,
by Aximill
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The ACLU has filed a law suit against the Catholic Conference of Catholic bishops in regard to health care given (or not given) to women in regard to their reproductive needs when these women go to ...
by varii
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Now that Rush has jumped in Daniel Burke @ Belief Blog on Rush & the Pope to replace the wilting Sarah Palin - methinks there are a lot of Conservative Catholics who are will reassess their thoughts ...
by mHainds
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Now lets get this cleared up right at the start. Im not what could be called a moderate atheist. Im one of the ones who likes to point the finger and scream "J'Accuse!" And boy oh boy, when it comes ...
by Dave The Sandman
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I came across this online the other day and wondered what the good folks on DKos might have to say about it, or had any further knowledge of the truth of this. I Put My Words in Pope Francis' ...
by Witgren
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I'm taking what was intended as a comment to here: Pope Francis: Unfettered Capitalism Is "Tyranny"; Economic Inequality "Kills." And making a full diary out of it after I realized I was writing way ...
by Jyotai
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BBC reports that Pope Francis has published a new document that continues to indicate a sharp break in the direction from the top of the RCC. "In his "apostolic exhortation", Pope Francis said he ...
by ahumbleopinion
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I've decided to start a new thing in which I pull together all the right wing insanity going on across America. It's not that dKos, Thinkprogress, TalkingPointMemo and Media Matters doesn't document ...
by The Big E
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Today's source material, from racist Uncle Pat Buchanan: Bishop Cupich was conveying instructions the papal nuncio had delivered from Rome to guide U.S. bishops in choosing a new leader. They ...
by kos
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We've been hearing a likely change in stances on those issues from the new pope. From women in the church to formally responding, and blessing gay Catholics the pope has indicated a more ...
by Aximill
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Why? Because he's got a lot on his mind. In addition to attempting to ruin the United States and put us on a collision course with economic disaster, he's also had to deal with his daughter getting ...
by Animeraider
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