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I'm sorry if this has been mentioned here before, but I searched and didn't find anything...so.....I also apologize in advance for such a short post, but I thought this was important to bring to the ...
by SaraBeth
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I thought I would add to your "collection" of responses to today's Supreme Court rulings on marriage equality. The Catholic bishops call the rulings TRAGIC! “Today is a tragic day for marriage ...
by varii
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In Abortion in Ireland I gave a brief account of the background to various attempts to make abortion illegal in Ireland in all circumstances by introducing a constitutional right to ...
by Frank Schnittger
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The Catholic bishops are getting desperate, so now they say this: Before the Supreme Court rulings on two marriage equality cases expected in June, American Catholic Bishops are urging Catholics to ...
by varii
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This should go well: The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) announced on Monday that it has hired Kim Daniels as spokeswoman for the USCCB president, currently Cardinal Timothy Dolan, ...
by varii
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Cardinal Timothy ...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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As a committee of the Irish Parliament considers proposals to offer limited legal abortion in Ireland, this paper explores how these issues came together around Savita Halappanavar's death, the ...
by RH Reality Check
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For well over a week, both sides have been parsing Ryan's abortion stance. Why is a man so openly anti-choice so unwilling to admit his actual positions? Written by Robin Marty for RH Reality Check .
by RH Reality Check
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Republicans would LOVE to hear what the bishops say about lady parts. About caring for the poor, all Jesus-style? Not so much. Today, as the [Senate plays http://www....
by Kaili Joy Gray
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I'd like to announce to everyone that some Catholic nuns are doing something quite remarkable in regard to a lot of issues we hold dear, and I would like very much if Kossacks across the country ...
by SouthernLiberalinMD
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1430 - Joan of Arc is captured by Burgundians while leading her army to war. 1934 – American bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed by police and killed in Black Lake, Louisiana. COINCIDENCE?
by agnostic
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o·ver·reach (vr-rch) v. o·ver·reached, o·ver·reach·ing, o·ver·reach·es v.tr. 1. To reach or extend over or beyond. 2. To miss by reaching too far or attempting too much: overreach a ...
by Steven Payne
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Yesterday following sharp criticism by the Catholic Bishops and Georgetown University of his budget priorities, the GOP's economic darling Paul Ryan spoke openly to Georgetown to "explain" himself. ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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In recent years, few Republican talking points have been regurgitated as often as the myth that almost half of Americans pay no taxes . Just last week, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor complained "...
by Jon Perr
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On Thursday, Rep. Paul Ryan strayed from the current Republican mantra when he said he “respectfully disagrees” with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. What Ryan disagrees with is ...
by Alesa Mackool
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They just can't help themselves. This time, it's the Roman Catholic Bishop in Peoria, Ill. who compares President Obama to Hitler and Stalin. According to a story in today's Chicago Tribune: The ...
by jackmac
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“This is not a war where any believing Catholic may remain neutral,” exhorted Peoria Bishop Daniel R. Jenky during the April 14 “A Call to Catholic Men of Faith.” Inciting his followers, the ...
by Betty Clermont
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Why are Republicans waging a war on the Church? You know how Republicans in Congress believe all of our laws should be Catholic Church-approved, right? Well, all of our laws regarding lady parts, ...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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Not long ago that permenent resident of Upside-down World Paul Ryan denied that his budgets hurts the poor, and further claimed that his budget was " Driven by His Catholic Faith " David Brody: ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Per Ed Kilgore, it appears that the Catholic Bishops will be calling for "disobedience" and outright partisan war during the summer over the birth control mandate. This story ain't going anywhere ...
by calchala
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