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Petition to stop Uganda's gay death penalty. Dear friends, In 12 hours, Uganda could pass a law that ...
by CA TreeHugger
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In 2010, at the insistence of the transgender community, the World Professional Association for Transgender Heath released the following statement regarding proposed changes to the American ...
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Until 1973 homosexuality was listed as a mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association. Originally listed as a "sociopathic personality ...
by CA TreeHugger
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No details yet, just this from the ACLU's LGBT Twitter feed : BREAKING: King & Spaulding [sic] - firm hired by House ...
by musing85
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~ Community Diary ~
by CA TreeHugger
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No surprise, really. Al-Masry-Al-Youm English Edition, Sun, 20/03/2011: Authorities deny Arab transsexuals access to ...
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I just thought I would share this video with the dKos community.
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A few days ago, I read that one of the representatives in the House is calling for a halt to deportations of foreign same sex spouses, but only for states where marriage is legally recognized. This ...
by smellybeast
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All across America yesterday, radical homosexual activists staged events to demand marriage equality . Here's a brief rundown of some of the events.
by psychodrew
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However, I don't think Meteor Blades would much appreciate a group called the "Fucking Pissed Off Gays". So Angry Gays will have to do for now.
by psychodrew
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Registering to vote in Kansas, 2013. Registration Worker: NEXT! Hello. Welcome to Wal-Depot's voter registration drive. May I please see your drivers license?
by skip945
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