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The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has spoken: As this report goes to print, there are more than 26 million Americans who are out of work , cannot find full-time work, ...
by jamess
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The Country has gone through an Economic Speculative collapse, the likes of which we haven't seen in ages. Until we come to terms with WHAT happened and WHY -- and put in place corrective ...
by jamess
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What is it about Banking and a change of work shifts -- that makes the caterers all take on an uncharacteristic Candor?
by jamess
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I was wondered what ever happen with the Wall Street "insiders" who were pivotal players in the Scam of the Century -- what their "punishment" was, for all those "AAA" rating on Credit Default ...
by jamess
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Some new drama in the housing crisis. Now that the taxpayers have been robbed bailed out the banks to cover wild gambling bets and lost most of their wealth in the process; ...
by FIREeconomy
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Citigroup, Ally Sued for Racketeering Over Database Bloomberg ...
by jamess
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Thank goodness. It couldn't have happen a day too soon. NBC Nightly News (03-09-09) Tent Cities of Homeless Springing Up In Bad ...
by jamess
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Tonight, we have breaking news from the Wall Street Journal telling us that Morgan Stanley is on the business end of a (what Yves Smith over at Naked Capitalism is referencing as "criminal") fraud ...
by bobswern
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If credit was worth something... [cred�it (krdt) http://www.thefreedictionary.com/credit] n. 1. Belief or confidence in the truth of something. 2. A reputation for ...
by exmearden
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Something Krugman said recently made me think this "Goldman Email Gate", was a bit of a Mis-Direction. Afterall it is their Job to Make Money in both Up and Down Markets. So I decided to ...
by jamess
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I saw Krugman on the TVeee over the Weekend. Something he said, made me think the Goldman Email Gate, was a big Mis-Direction. So I decided to follow up on that hunch; I took to the Intertubes, ...
by jamess
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After watching our teevee news anchors struggle mightily to explain the Goldman Sachs suit to middle America ( okay ...after watching The Daily Show’s recapitulation of news ...
by trillian
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The joys of existence in and around Wall Street continue as before. Madness reigns: Goldman, Sachs has issued a formal statement . No one here at DKOS will be shocked. However the ...
by vets74
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How does your Obligation to make your Mortgage Payments, turn into some unseen Investor's "Income Stream"? Easy -- thanks to Derivatives and CDO's (...
by jamess
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Bill Gross, head of PIMCO, is credited with coining the term "Shadow Banking System". A few years ago he warned about its reckless behavior and how they could wreck the Economy.
by jamess
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(Title h/t's to Kris Kristofferson and Janis Joplin) The rumors of the death of "Enronomics ," in 2001, have been greatly exaggerated. The fact is, it never died. We now know, based upon [...
by bobswern
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Introduction To ...
by jamess
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Not shocking: the Bush White House and Tim Geithner and The Fed had no idea what was happening when they paid off bad paper at AIG. NYFRB paid off casino bets -- fraudulently titled/listed/sold as "...
by vets74
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On Saturday, The New York Times published an article called " Testy Conflict With Goldman Helped Push A.I.G. to Edge ", which ...
by The Anomaly
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President Obama gave a stirring speech announcing several things that will be popular among the broad economy (i.e., all us small timers). Using $30 Billion of the TARP repayments to ...
by runningdoglackey
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