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I've often said that Nazi references are so overused and mis-used that they ought to be consigned to history. But, it's hard to ignore the parallels to today's Tea Party, at least in terms of being ...
by mondaymedia
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Murrieta Ca. Fourth of July, hateful Tea Party members await the arrival of buses full of immigrant children, to scorn and reject their existence on this planet but to their (bigoted) dismay, the ...
by thinkingblue
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I'll bet EVERY damn ONE of these hateful protesters identifies with the Tea Party... They have no compassion not even for children, they feel no mercy, they have no shame, and I will wager that they ...
by thinkingblue
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Carriage in front of the Cathedral of Granada. This cathedral is probably the most photographed building in Granada. Needless to say, I couldn't resist either.
by camlbacker
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COPYPASTE \http:\/\/tinyurl.com/DkGeoGrps FOR LINKING. Revision is continual : send corrections, additions, mergers, "ceased activity", etc. HERE . SCROLL ALPHABETICALLY BELOW INTRO OR ...
by mettle fatigue
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Geraldo Rivera's asshattery is certainly not news, but a statement he made about Michael Hastings one day after his death, and some of the responses to it are newsworthy. Let's keep in mind the ...
by joanneleon
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¡Bueno dias, bird lovers! (Don't worry; this post will not be a test of your Spanish.) I recently returned from several months south of the border. Over the weeks ahead I hope to dig myself out ...
by LaughingPlanet
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Cross-posted from Current Events Inquiry. The Heritage Foundation wants to let you know that it’s very unfair that Tea Party groups were given greater scrutiny from IRS over their nonprofit ...
by Daisy Cutter
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The trial of former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt for genocide was shut down by current Guatemalan president Otto Pérez Molina, who committed some of those crimes. The U.S. finds this ...
by CharlesII
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I remember the Reagan administration's fascination with Central America during the 80s. Reagan's preoccupation eventually led to a constitutional crisis here (see Iran-Contra ). But there was plenty ...
by LuvSet
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As a first diary, I'm going to test the system out (It works for you it should work for me) by posting an article I wrote a while ago and has something to do with an issue that has been resolved and ...
by aargh
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by michaelmhughes
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Here in Central America, women are denied life-saving treatment every day. Women with life-threatening illnesses are denied treatment because to do so might harm their pregnancy -- just the same ...
by RH Reality Check
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The Army…will be ready to decisively achieve American ends, whatever they may be. -U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno (April 2012) Humanity’s flawed nature and all of recorded ...
by K Trout
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This is a quamash (camas) meadow. You can see the life-giving camas plants as the violet-blue flowers. The major tree species are the sacred oak ( Quercus alba and other spp. ) and madrone ( ...
by Nulwee
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As a result of the illegal coup to depose then Honduran President, Manual Zelaya, in 2009, in which the U.S. played an under-handed role, Hondurans have endured multiple assassinations, kidnapping, ...
by Justina
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What happens when a town of 28,000 people in Nicaragua receives 20,000 bicycles? Well, the quality of life improves. Most of the residents of Rivas do not have enough money to own a car, the ...
by frandor55
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The war in Afghanistan is about perpetual war, not Afghanistan. It’s about preventing democracy in the United States, not bringing it to SouthWest Asia. And it is the tombstone of the ...
by harveywasserman
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Though the article is in Spanish, I probably don't have to translate the majority opinion of the Constitutional wing of the Supreme Court (Sala IV) on their reason for blocking Costa Rica's version ...
by pico
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The small town of Fremont, Nebraska is the latest in a series of U.S. towns that have decided to take immigration law into their own hands. On Monday, the 21st of June, 57% of the town’...
by Lets Breakthrough
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