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by big spoiled baby
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If you can, please give. One of my new favorites is the NATIONAL NETWORK OF ABORTION FUNDS, www.nnaf.org: Give in memory of Dr. George Tiller.
by la motocycliste
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For many of us American Jews we donate to Israel. Now in my diaries I don't hide who I give too. My giving tends to be political in nature and I give to both Americans for Peace Now and MeretzUSA. ...
by volleyboy1
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In a tough economy, with music lovers thinking twice before going to see their favorite acts, the 34-date BonTaj Roulet Tour by Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal is blazing new green ground in raising ...
by harveywasserman
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DONATIONS TO RELIEF ORGANIZATIONS ABROAD DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD Images of suffering children are a common means by which missionary groups and some non-governmental relief ...
by niccolo caldararo
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This weekend while many Americans will be eating hot dogs and burgers and enjoying an extra day off, many of us will stop and reflect on the sacrifices of our military men and women and their ...
by blueintheface
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Maybe you've received one of their mugs, or a flip calendar, or a blanket. Maybe you responded to these "gifts" from Disabled Veterans National Foundation by sending them a check. ...
by peacearena
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ain't america wonderful? In the Safra Synagogue on the Upper East Side in New York just a few nights ago (March 18th), a leader of the Israeli Settler's group "Women in Green" called for the ...
by Tom J
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Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity died ...
by WobegonGal
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I'm making my list and checking it twice. But this year, it is a challenge. A challenge that only the dKos community can really and truly help me tackle. Our family gift exchange this year has ...
by Great Lakes Gal
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This year's epic election, with the long and hard fought political campaign that led up to it sucked up a lot of the financial resources available for giving for many small donors. As a result of ...
by Lefty Coaster
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I've had a tough run here the last two weeks. I worked really, really hard for the Obama Campaign. And make no mistake - that was DEEPLY rewarding work, particularly here in Virginia. I ...
by RenaRF
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Some time last year I made a decision, to take the donation I make every month and give it too Obama's campaign. My thought process was: I have only so much I can ...
by Clytemnestra
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I recently accepted a job much lower than my usual salary. When they sent me the offer letter I almost told them no thanks. But I knew Washington Mutual was going to lay off people and no doubt ...
by catherinesoso
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I want to do my part to clean up this mess. No one is talking about how we can help those around us. I see my savings shrinking, but have a roof over my head and enough to take care of me and mine. ...
by chichagof
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Seven years ago today I was fifteen years old and getting ready to school for the day. I was a sophomore in high school, and I remember in the morning watching the news. There was a story about a ...
by Kaity
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Today and probably for the rest of his life, I will envy Bill Gates. Do I envy his cunning? No - like all dilettantes with no real record of accomplishment, I'm certain my cleverness more than ...
by Troubadour
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And why, you might ask, actually the obvious: Who Blew Whistle on Wasteful ...
by jimstaro
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NC Democratic Party will hold precinct meetings on March 11, 2008. I have written up a precinct resolution below to address the suffering of the Iraqi refugees. Representative Waters has a bill ...
by dancewater
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‘Tis the season to give and for decades we have given and given and yet every year there is always more to give. Every year there seems to be more people who give and more people who are ...
by Forgiven
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