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Hi! I'm Bob Krause, and I am running against Chuck Grassley for US Senate in 2016. The Iowa Democratic party is yearning for a populist message. People want to break the cycle of stagnant wages ...
by bobk7777777
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Five AM IN THE MORNING! Damn it! In my very own bed! By a honey-voiced female on NPR. Dear Senator Grassley was wed in the Little Brown Church ... Dear Senator Grassley is a simple corn and ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Whoa! WASHINGTON— Prosecutors are gathering evidence for a grand-jury probe into whether congressional staff helped tip Wall Street traders to a change in health-care policy , an indication the ...
by Dartagnan
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So the latest inane taking point from obstructionist Republican senators regarding their blockade of President Obama's nominees to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals goes like this: each of the three ...
by TXdem
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First there was “financial innovation,” which was a catch-phrase used by Wall Street, towards the end of the Clinton administration, to push through [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gramm%E2%80%...
by bobswern
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CNN FBI Director Robert Mueller reports -unshockingly to me - that the FBI uses drones but not that often and in limited ways, though, of course, there were zero specifics. But a law enforcement ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Here's Sen. Charles Grassley on Tuesday morning, making a really, really bad argument for why the Boston attack shows why the Senate's immigration reform bill shouldn't pass (my transcript): It ...
by Jed Lewison
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Senator Charles Grassley (R (of course)- IA) thinks we need a study post-Sandy Hook: I do agree though that it's time to study these mass shootings. I think we ought to pursue the ideas that call ...
by mspicata
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After recent rumors of a turnaround for financial whistleblowers seeking rewards under the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) whistleblower reward program, it is fitting that one of its rare financial ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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Responding to Romney's plan to kill energy production and thousands of jobs in Iowa, long time conservative Senator Chuck Grassley called Romney "stupid" and a "back stabber" at two town hall ...
by Billionaires for Wealthcare
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As Republicans in the House of Representatives continue to politicize and criminalize Operation Fast and Furious, they should at least try to keep their facts straight. But, hey, they're Republicans.
by rlegro
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Edward C. DuMont, a partner at a prominent Washington law firm, was nominated by President Obama to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the first openly LGBT person to be nominated ...
by craigkg
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This reads like a who's who of a Wall Street high-stakes Poker Tournament:
by jamess
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Membership has its Privileges ... Right? Well usually -- But not always ... just ask Martha. Martha Stewart's ...
by jamess
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Joe McCarthy Lives : Six years ago, Ninth Circuit judicial nominee Goodwin Liu published an op-...
by Armando
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In a few minutes, Roxanne Conlin is prepared to debate Senator Charles Grassley at the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Art Center. Grassley, the Senior Senator from Iowa, and one of the longest serving members ...
by Govinda
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Tomorrow President Obama will return to Cooper Union in New York, where he gave a speech on financial reform as a candidate two years ago. We're told ...
by RJ Eskow
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Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and other luminaries are skewering Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) for crowing about his insertion of a new IRS rule into the Health Care Reform Bill after first ...
by TheFatLadySings
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While neither condemning or endorsing the present Senate HIR bill, the startling thing is that it is almost identical to the plan proposed by Republicans in 1993 to counter the Clinton ...
by tassojunior
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A report from the Senate Finance Committee released yesterday suggests that GlaxoSmithKline may have known for some time that Avandia could cause heart trouble--
by Christian Dem in NC
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