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When I wrote the "The Audacity of Greed" in 2008, I had a chapter called "Vodka and Penises" which detailed a ...
by Tasini
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I am writing to day to thank you for all of the hard work you've done for the people of our State, our country and of my community, Jackson Heights, New York. I know you have been called upon to ...
by seanwright
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by CityLightsLover
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by CityLightsLover
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This is just silly--but, unfortunately, not entirely surprising. Chuck Schumer has grabbed on to the idiotic idea of rewarding corporate America for tax dodging and stashing billions of dollars ...
by Tasini
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by CityLightsLover
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The lawyers and guns may come later, but for now, what with ...
by David Jarman
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by Jed Lewison
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Cue Lucy : "At the end of last week the House Republicans did ...
by jpmassar
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Sen. Chuck ...
by Jed Lewison
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The news stories about Jared Loughner shifted from the horrific crime to his state of mind; his strangeness, writings, posts and interactions with others. His mental health status fascinates the ...
by JDWolverton
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The right wing media are clucking loudly these days, competing over who can be the best sycophant to the President and the Pentagon in the latter's frenzy over the leaks coming out of Julian ...
by Valtin
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Now here's another oil disaster story to warm the cockles of one's heart: http://rawstory.com/rs/2010/0604/bp-10-billion-dividend-payouts/ (which has links to stories in the Guardian and elsewhere).
by Timaeus
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This past Saturday, we had a great march for immigration rights in New York City--on May 1st, thankfully, and sponsored by the labor movement to boot. Without a doubt, the Arizona racist ...
by Jonathan Tasini
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Hi everyone - this is just a quick heads-up about an event later today that might interest you, especially those of you who live in Brooklyn or lower Manhattan. Details below:
by sidnora
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Stories of immigrant youth drive home the dire need for immigration reform. Introduced yesterday by Senate Democrats, the new proposal for immigration reform garners mixed reactions all ...
by Lets Breakthrough
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As most of you probably know by now, Citizens United V. FEC was the biggest SCOTUS decision this year, and arguably for awhile. The 5-4 decision supposedly ended a limit on corporations first ...
by CharlesCorra12
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President Obama meets with Congressional leaders tomorrow at a public, televised, bipartisan Health Reform Summit. ( Insurance reform that is) Mr. President we need HELP, not another ...
by Catskill Julie
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Yes, our favorite tool, Harold Ford, is still toying with the idea of challenging Kirsten Gillibrand in the New York U.S. Senate primary. And,
by Bob Johnson
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2 more Senators have signed the letter sent Monday to Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader, written by Senator Michael Bennet CO , co-signed by ...
by Catskill Julie
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