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In May of 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson gave the commencement address at the University of Michigan and first laid out the framework of what would become his vision for America's "Great Society."
by Virally Suppressed
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Mount Pleasant, SC- Please drop by one of these Thursday, May 29th. meetings on your way home to encourage the town to make public transit part of the town's comprehensive plan, including better ...
by wjhamilton29464
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Mount Pleasant, SC- All East Cooper CARTA bus routes showed major increases in ridership in the April 2014 reports issued by the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority. The new #41 ...
by wjhamilton29464
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Charleston, SC - Too much was put on the web, not enough on people when the time came to help people #getcovered under the Affordable Care Act. After almost nothing was accomplished in early October,
by wjhamilton29464
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Mount Pleasant, SC- Bus Driver Appreciation Day will be recognized in the Charleston area on Tuesday,
by wjhamilton29464
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Charleston, SC- If you show off, you may rouse the downtrodden and summon up the specter of servile insurrections. Last night I watched most of “Southern Charm” on the Bravo Network, the ...
by wjhamilton29464
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So what happens to a West Virginia community when incompetent industry ...
by murrayewv
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Like Freedom Industries and Charleston West Virginia, Duke Energy and North Carolina, the International Business Machines company left behind toxic solvents in the ground that poisoned the workers ...
by RodSerling
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Tito's NY Style Pizzeria in Greenville, SC becomes one of the first businesses to put up a "No Concealed Weapons Allowed" sign in SC. This size and design, in this prominent location is required on ...
by wjhamilton29464
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Thumbnail image of SC required sign Charleston, SC- The swift adoption of a new law striking down a long standing prohibition against bring concealed weapons into bars and restaurants in SC caught ...
by wjhamilton29464
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On January 9th, Freedom Industries, a company that stores chemicals for the coal industry, spilled 7,500 gallons of Crude Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM), a little known, little understood ...
by JesseC
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It's been a rough, disturbing, eleven days for the people of Charleston, West Virginia, a city already hurting before the chemical spill that devastated their local economy and caused 300,000 ...
by dharmafarmer
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Not my photos but a friend had emailed these to show how one Charleston resident is coping with their water problems.
by TrueBlueMountaineer
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The water contamination crisis in Charleston, WV, has generated some well deserved attention here. It has created a disruption in the personal and economic lives of those affected that is hard to ...
by Keith930
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Robert Stiver was unable to find water at that and at least a dozen other stores in the area and worried about how he'd make sure his cats had drinkable water. "I'm lucky. I can get out and look ...
by murrayewv
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Mount Pleasant, SC- In the waning days of 1999, as I was planning the children’s activities for the First Night Charleston Millennium celebration in Charleston, SC, I signed a contract to purchase ...
by wjhamilton29464
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Jan 7, 2014- Charleston, Summerville, SC- SC Progressive Network health care navigators will open two new locations in the Lowcountry to provide Affordable Healthcare Act coverage sign-up assistance ...
by wjhamilton29464
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Charleston, SC- The Lowcountry #Getcovered Surge center is fully staffed today with 7 Certified Navigators, some CACs and our seasoned group of volunteers and they want to, well, surge. This is the ...
by wjhamilton29464
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Lowcountry #Getcovered Surge Center Final Day & Future Plans Press Event Friday, Dec. 20, 2013 at 11 am Fountain Walk, on ...
by wjhamilton29464
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by wjhamilton29464
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