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The US Chess Championships are coming to a close. Today is Championship Day, however, the possibility exists for a playoff scenario. Let me be blunt - I am a crappy chess player. In the chess ...
by otto
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"Mr. Obama is like a championship chess player, always several moves ahead of friend and foe alike. He’s smart, deft, elegant and subtle" and of course the usually derisive term 11-dimensional ...
by annieli
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People have been playing board games for thousands of years. The oldest known board game is probably Mancala, an African game which moves pieces of seed, beans or pebbles around a series of pits. ...
by Lenny Flank
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Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
by nervousnellie
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I have nothing against chess. But for those of you following the big chess tournament here in St. Louis, it might be interesting to know that Rex Sinquefield, the man who named the tournament after ...
by gloriasb
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If I can be permitted to set aside, just for this moment, the overpowering grip that temporizing has on him, never seen more clearly than in his first debate with M. Romney during the 2012 election, ...
by Sofarsogoo
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Chauncey wrote an EXCELLENT diary titled The 'Niggerization' of Michael Brown by the Ferguson Police Department and the Right-Wing Media . If you haven't read it, please go check it out. It's ...
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playing chess with people's lives. Don't you wonder why Israel and Hamas are playing the same game that kills many and accomplishes little? What's it all about? Behind the scenes is just your ...
by thinkingblue
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Every well thought out revolution has is a Nuclear Option . Dmytro Yarosh , the leader of the Ukrainian Political ...
by Silky Humble
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Take a good look at the screenshot below (click for a full-size version):
by Brainwrap
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At only age 22, [Magnus Carlsen http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/chess/Magnus-Carlsen-beats-Viswanathan-Anand-to-win-the-World-Chess-Championship/articleshow/26219177.cms] has defeated ...
by Ed Tracey
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Magnus Carlsen won game 9 of the 12 game World Chess Championship match against Vishwanathan Ananda, in the match now now taking place in Chennai, India. This is Magnus third win in this match and ...
by Sharkmeister
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Magnus Carlsen won a 2nd victory in the World Chess Championship over Vishwanath Anand, finding a way to win in a drawish looking rook and pawn ending. It's looking like Anand is getting tired ...
by Sharkmeister
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Magnus Carlsen was able to provoke an error out of Vishwanatha Anand in a complex endgame to score the first win and take the lead in their 12-game World Chess Championship match. This was game 5,
by Sharkmeister
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What sport is the rest of the world (other than the USA) watching this year? Not the Super Bowl, not the World Series, not the Sprint Cup, not March Madness... and not even the World Cup (that's ...
by Dr of Chaos
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Nothing better than smart, tough Obama. The guy that took the odds and got Osama bin Laden. The guy that took a losing hand in Syria and turned it into a big win. Everyone was waiting for Obama and ...
by mattinjersey
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Ever since the 2008 primaries, the meme that Barack Obama is playing 11-dimensional chess has been out there. I have to say that I think the President is one of the wisest, smartest, and most ...
by Dragon5616
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These scenes are less than a block apart—which looks more troublesome? Recently there has been much ado about chess in San Francisco. When police dispersed the open-air chess games on Market ...
by ksdrucker
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Is Obama about to achieve an historic Checkmate? Image Courtesy of caricature artist Donkey Hotey, licensed CC2.0 On the eve of the 12th Anniversary of 9/11, are we witnessing a masterful game of ...
by Edward Lynn
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This is just a short diary with very little substance, but given that I've failed on the stock market, failed at sports betting, and failed at pretty much anything that requires a combination of ...
by Sucker Politics
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