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#WalkerIsTOAST #HesDone Toast at the WI Solidarity Sing Along 8/22/14. ...
by affinis
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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s rejection of federal Medicaid money and his “hands-off approach to rate regulation” has lead to higher than average health ...
by Working America
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker made himself a household name when in 2011 he worked with his legislative allies to strip collective ...
by Working America
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I'm back! Why am I back? Well, to ask for money again!
by AsherHeimermann
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Capitol Cops bust a move. Great turnout today at the Wisconsin #ŽSolidaritySingAlong. Screw us and we multiply ! Coverage here . Great turnout ...
by affinis
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Update: Great news! It looks most of the accounts have been suspended. THANK YOU to all who tweeted, retweeted, reported and otherwise helped make this happen. While the spambots are gone, the ...
by spudlovr
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For those of us who think the American system should ultimately check and punish those who step over the line, abuse power, and corrupt the lawmaking process, this has not been a good March. Take a ...
by Jake formerly of the LP
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So they passed this awful mining bill just now. They made it about jobs. It's not. I'm the son of a developer. I'm pro development. I'm pro business. I'm even pro mining. But I'm against this ...
by Odysseas
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Did you think voter suppression would end on Election Day? Think again. The corporate-backed Republican-led war on our voting rights is still chugging. None other than Wisconsin Governor Scott ...
by Working America
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We might feel like we suffered a defeat but it is by no means an end. Just another beginning. We are part of a larger struggle and the world is still watching us. They need to be able to look to ...
by Odysseas
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To defeat the Koch Bros., we must stop funding them! Below the fold is a complete list of products that you buy everyday which keeps the Koch/GOP agenda alive and moving. I'm not saying it will ...
by TheNewDeal00
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Do you know someone whose life has been affected by foreclosure? Chances are, in 2012, you do. That's why it's so important that you know the story of what Scott Walker did with the funds meant for ...
by Working America
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"Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost" - Ronald Reagan The Barrett campaign needs to make an ad of this with the very little time they have left. See the ...
by TheNewDeal00
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Get these facts out to anyone and everyone in Wisconsin! Walker has been plastering TV's all over WI with a bald-faced lie that he created 30,000 jobs. Walker created fake job numbers than ran a ...
by TheNewDeal00
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The latest Marquette Law School poll showed walker leading by 6%. But if you look at the poll, there are strong suggestions it might be significantly oversampling right-wingers (for whatever reason).
by Odysseas
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This is repost of a blog I wrote in winter of last year when the protests against Governor Walker and union busting were gearing up. Way beyond my wildest expectations, this post actually went ...
by TheNewDeal00
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On June 5th, voters in Wisconsin will go to the polls in an historic recall election, where they will decide who will serve as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and State Senator in several districts ...
by Working America
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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and her allies in the state legislature are seeking to use millions of dollars intended for struggling homeowners to pay for prison construction and tax cuts instead, ...
by Working America
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Why I, a member if the Wisconsin Uprising, support Obama despite having many reasons to bitch about him; It's about urging them to keep their promises, not sowing division. It's roughly the same ...
by Odysseas
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by Doug Foote - Reposted from Working America's Main Street Blog We’ve been touting ...
by Working America
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