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http://chicago.suntimes.com/news-chicago/7/71/393084/homan-square-site-chicago-police-deny-report-secret-interrogation-compound The Guardian newspaper published a story Tuesday saying the Chicago ...
by MTmofo
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I’ve been working on a story for almost a week (one I originally thought would only take a couple of days to fully research and write), and it directly dovetails with what I can only refer to as–...
by bobswern
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UPDATE: Just read this story in Salon The Atlantic which gives further details regarding the Homan Square site in an interview of Tracy Siska, executive director of the Chicago Justice Project who ...
by Steven D
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Forty-five years ago, December 4,1969, Fred Hampton, the very young and charismatic leader of the Black Panther Party in Chicago, was assassinated by the Chicago Police.
by Bill Berkowitz
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with the recent murder of a Chicago Public Schools student in broad daylight just blocks from her school I though necessary to remind people that violence in Chicago as it relates to the schools is ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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or Report from Chicago Spring: Thank You for Returning My Shoelaces and Belt. Now Can You Please Find My Drivers License and Computer?: My Experience Being Detained Prior to the NATO Summit ...
by TarheelDem
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I am re-posting this diary due to the importance of historical knowledge in the resistance to the tyranny of the 1%. Millionaire Mayor Emanuel is attempting to force the closing and turnaround of ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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I originally posted this back in April 2010 from an article published in September 2009 about the conditions and Chicago Board of Education policies that lead to the increase in violence and murders ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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MEDIA WATCH: While Mayor Emanuel continued teacher bashing (saying teachers had 'shafted' the ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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In a case closely watched in Chicago, former CPD Commander Jon Burge has been found guily of perjury and obstruction of justice related to torturing persons in police custody, but not of the ...
by Inland
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9/11 was one of those events that splits history. All our perspective changes and divides: that which came before; that which followed. As of that moment, everything is different; the world has ...
by Yasuragi
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