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If you want journalism, read Glenn Greenwald, Jim Risen or Jane Mayer. If you want to hear NSA officials smear a whistleblower and shamelessly fear monger to save face after being caught lying to ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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Those familiar with my views would know that I long ago determined that the U.S. corporate media conglomerate is the most powerful, mind-numbing propaganda machine the world has ever known--by far. ...
by Ray Pensador
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60 Minutes, in a fawning feature on the NSA tonight, made it clear to me that they are washed-up as a journalistic entity, their credibility extinguished. Not missing the opportunity, the NSA had ...
by qphilo
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Between the driverless car , internet balloons and Amazon'...
by Mark Fiore
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I just saw this on Huffington Post: Lara Logan and her producer, Max McClellan, would be taking a leave of absence following an internal report on the news magazine's Oct. 27 Benghazi report. The ...
by varii
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Well, finally. Chairman of CBS News and executive producer of 60 Minutes Jeff Fager, in a lengthy memo and outline of their findings from an internal investigation, has asked Lara Logan and producer ...
by Steven Payne
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If your level of outrage over Lara Logan’s botched 60 minutes piece on Benghazi has reached the point that you would take pleasure in watching those responsible undergo a diabolically sadistic ...
by PeaceLoveHarmony
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The following transcript is from " Yes He Kenyan " which is scheduled to air on November 17, 2013. The correspondent is Lara Logan. Max McClellan, producer. ...
by Jon Perr
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I followed with great interest yesterday two excellent threads concerning the recent CBS' Sixty Minutes broadcast about Benghazi, subsequent revelations of shoddy journalism, and insufficient ...
by CharlesInCharge
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When CBS pulled its 60 Minutes Benghazi report last week it cited inconsistencies in the story of security contractor Dylan Davies,
by Jed Lewison
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Ever heard of the Media Research Center? They are one of several right-wing groups with the focus of "exposing and stopping liberal media bias", i.e. - pressuring mainstream media to move even ...
by AndrewR9
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Because classes in media and critical thinking are not compulsory at our high schools or colleges, kids don't learn about very important developments and decisions that have been made over recent ...
by AlyoshaKaramazov
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Last night, Stephen Colbert dropped his own bombshell on 60 Minutes and their fake Benghazi story and apology , with his own exclusive interview with someone who was there! And you'...
by BruinKid
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CBS's venerable news magazine, 60 Minutes , was embarrassed last week when both ...
by Joan McCarter
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Investigative journalism. If they really mean it, they will do an in-depth piece on how in the fist-fellating fuck this actually happened. They may even say that "there will be an internal ...
by AlyoshaKaramazov
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Months before the current uproar over the Benghazi story, 60 Minutes revealed itself as an unethical news organization, dedicated to covering up the conflicts of interest of its entertainment assets (
by Tasini
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Oopsies. We shouldn't have included that one liar guy in our report. That was a mistake. Have a nice night. From The New York Times : Lara Logan was scheduled to deliver a report on Sunday’s “...
by ericlewis0
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With 60 Minutes now correcting the record on Benghazi, I just have to say: Republicans are the Jan Brady of politics — bitterly jealous of Hillary Clinton’s intelligence, power, and political ...
by BlankBeat
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I was glad to see that 60 Minutes admitted that their source for what happened during the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya is not credible and retracted their story. Perhaps ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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UPDATE I - The reason for the title, was that this is what spurred me on to read more about the story. Then I wanted to point out the obvious discrepancies in CBS's account of things. Then at the ...
by AlyoshaKaramazov
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