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There have been a couple stories about this place in that year or so: when I saw this title I recalled the story of a nameless boy being identified and finally bringing some closure for his family ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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At first, I thought there would not be very much to this story, it's just another ranting fundamentalist claiming the public schools (or gay marriage, or birth control, or recycling, or bike lanes) ...
by bernardpliers
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It's late and I'm tired and angry. I don't see any other ...
by joeschmeaux
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Another example of reefer madness on the front page at AlterNet . Both Alternet and Raw Story are doing excellent work reflecting the importance of this issue. In this post, as stated in the title,
by xxdr zombiexx
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I am not surprised that on Christmas Eve morning, when “short drop” Calcraft slipped the noose around his neck, twenty-four year old Frederick Baker took comfort from having apologised. He ...
by KAMuston
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Afghan police accused of corruption and child abuse BBC News Most police forces investigate crimes like corruption, kidnapping, drug use, murder and child abuse. But in Sangin - the most violent ...
by plan9pub
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Australian Labour MP Kelvin Thomson sends us an e-letter. He lists the practical legal changes that his country has undertaken to eliminate gun massacres. So far these steps have proved 100% ...
by bontemps2012
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... shooting range??? Others can comment if want to, I'm still ...
by downtownLALife
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Joel and Victoria Osteen were interviewed on Larry King. I don't watch CNN but I do occasionally look at the website to see if they have anything different than MSNBC's website. While viewing the ...
by Dotty Gale
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