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In Washington State the negative ads from Dino Rossi, RNC and BIA stated there is a budget deficit of $3 billion. Read any newspaper or government website on the Washington State Budget and one ...
by guerchiotti56
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I am in this campaign up to my eyeballs, my precinct in western WA is semi-rural in a mostly urban District, and my duties as Legislative District Chairman keep ...
by Ivan
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Dino Rossi will appear on the ballot for the governor's race in Washington as a "G.O.P." candidate. The ballot for King County (Seattle) describes every other Republican candidate as "Republican."
by pedestrianme
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Washington is in trouble. We're three weeks away from kicking out of office an amazing Governor and replacing her with George Bush's insolent step-son. Dino Rossi is going to take our successful ...
by ManageWA
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I recently received an email that I found echoed the sentiments I've heard in other recent diaries here, but clarified it in a way I hadn't seen before. I'll share it with you after the fold, but ...
by DixieDishrag
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I’m supposed to be finishing another story tonight, but I’ve just come from Darcy Burner’s primary night party...and I have in front of me the results of the important races ...
by fake consultant
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It seems we are having similar fundraising issues across this country. Have we democrats become a little complacent or are we just hitting our financial limits? Rossi tops '04 ...
by kevin22262
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Yesterday, Michelle Obama joined me in Seattle for a luncheon attended by over 1,600 supporters. It was an amazing day, and I am very grateful for the support that both Barack and Michelle Obama ...
by Governor Chris Gregoire
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Cross posted at MyDD and EENR. This is just a small diary with a few ...
by kevin22262
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I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with you Kossacks , and I want to thank you for your comments. Democratic candidates &#
by Governor Chris Gregoire
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Another Republican failure of leadership on renewable energy and climate change happened yesterday in the U.S. Senate. The “drill first and ask questions later” policy of Big Oil and ...
by Governor Chris Gregoire
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Dino Rossi, loser of the '04 Governor's race to our fantastic Chris Gregoire, gave a speech at the CPO's office at NAS Whidbey Island. Navy rules prohibit campaign events on their grounds, but ...
by ManageWA
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At this moment there is a diary at the top of the rec list by the usually commendable Governor Gregoire of Washington State. In between her mom and apple pie routine she blames Bush and Senator ...
by Windowdog
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The competitiveness of this year’s presidential election has brought the candidates to more of our communities than any other election in recent years. I believe our democracy is stronger when ...
by Governor Chris Gregoire
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Local TV station KIRO TV has an online poll out, asking whether people want Chris Gregoire, our fantastic Democratic ...
by Kitsap River
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We began a story this week that describes how poor clinical practice in a State-operated healthcare ...
by fake consultant
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It has been the practice of your friendly fake consultant to keep my personal life separate from the stories you see in this space; and where exceptions have been made it has been because I felt it ...
by fake consultant
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Governor Chris ...
by Governor Chris Gregoire Campaign
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At 11:00 AM (PST), we will be live streaming Governor Chris Gregoire's re-election announcement speech here on Daily Kos and on the chrisgregoire.com web site. The Governor will be speaking from ...
by Governor Chris Gregoire Campaign
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On the strength of strong fundraising, and an incredible display of leadership in creating and organizing A Responsible Plan to End the War , Darcy Burner ...
by Joan McCarter
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