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When God didn't deliver rain to Texas, Governor Rick Perry ostentatiously organized a prayer event to bring the rains. For some mysterious reason, God did not smile on this effort, and as of ...
by bigfun
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The Christianized Jesus - the turning of a radical into a conservative shadow of his former self - explains our problem of establishing and celebrating freedom fighters today. It is important that ...
by Reverend Billy
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The year is turning into High Spring. All of the world’s cultures tell a creation story to go with this steamy moment of green shoots and flowers and sex-drunk birds singing all night long. The ...
by Reverend Billy
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I'm going to argue no . I will say that many people I have met who call themselves Christians are followers of Christ, but I will simultaneously argue that you cannot both ...
by Philoguy
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The wet blue ball that spins in space has its own belief system. How can we join THAT church? Earthalujah!
by Reverend Billy
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I was at the Hillsborough, NH County Fair on September 12. I was there to work in the Hillsborough County Democrats booth at the fair and ask for some votes as I was running for County Register of ...
by SusanL143
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With credentials as robust as those of Elena Kagan, the Republicans must sit up nights thinking of questions and comments that won't make them look stupid (so far they've failed). So, is there ...
by ZedMont
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Scotus's ruling has made me violently angry so I thought I would share with you all my interpretation of scriptures an d show you just how violently liberal they actually are. Beware-I link around ...
by fireinthedawn
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"To understand everything is to forgive everything." He said it four hundred years before Jesus arrived.
by bob zimway
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One of my neices posted a little remark on Facebook about "taking the Christ out of Christmas". I composed a lengthy note in responce to it. I have copied it here, without my signature, in the hopes ...
by matador
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The Christmas story is a parable. The meaning is that important information is out there, and we need to pay attention to the signs and signals, and look for that important information. And ...
by bigjacbigjacbigjac
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It is known in many esotericists' circles, that before the Christ will reappear, there must be a measure of Peace in the world! President Obama is helping to restore that peace.
by bacalove
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I Am That I Am Exodus 3:14 TODAY............... the focus is God. You may not be a believer in the triune God . You may believe ...
by need4trth
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Let's assume that sometime between throwing the merchants from the temple but before declaring, "If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you shall have ...
by Public D
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Jesus Christ was the quintessential bleeding-heart liberal , and literally so. Then how have conservatives succeeded in co-opting Christianity itself? ...
by Art Smart
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Seen that bumper sticker? "Jesus is God. Read the bible." The first time I saw it I did a double take. Now I shake my head in disgust. WTF?
by quityurkidding
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Winsmith wrote a ...
by Public Service Administration
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The right wing never fails to amaze me in the depths of their hypocrisy. This is the same group who voice support of prayer in schools and religious symbols in public places, and ride in on a high ...
by lcdrjsm
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Well I think I’ve figured out who the much anticipated anti-christ is. It has to be Rush Limbaugh. Next time you get a chance to see a photo of him look at it closely and you can see a demonic ...
by Marina Asbury
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Prepare to learn the lost language of Heaven, which the Old Testament says was scattered over the face of the Earth by the Fall of the Tower of Babel. And the Northwest Coast Tribes are calling ...
by jesusjamey
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