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The effect of the McCutcheon decision is to silence ordinary citizens, to deny them their First Amendment rights to speech because their pleas won’t be heard over the million dollar megaphones the ...
by Leo W Gerard
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And now he’s lying about it. For me, there is only one other thing that is more gut wrenching and loathing to know, ...
by Ole Texan
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When Scott Walker releases his 2013-15 biennial budget with a public address tonight at the Wisconsin Capitol, I hope people are paying close attention to the health care portion. In it, GovernEr ...
by Wisco Wherls
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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has a habit of telling the truth about his "divide and conquer" governing style, but only when he is talking to one of his billionaire donors (or someone he thinks is ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Scott Walker - Prank Call - Shortened ...
by jamess
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In what seems like a brilliant bit of irony, James O'Keefe found himself on the butt end of a nasty little...surprise I should say, and thanks to the quite famous (or infamous in Republican circles) ...
by Codenamechaz
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A few last tidbits on the NY-26 race as we wait for the polls to close. And don't forget to enter ...
by David Nir
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by David Nir
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by David Jarman
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Jack Davis is proving to be a ...
by David Nir
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I'm torn about this. On the one hand, we all know what Nader did in 2000, and the high price we have paid for it -- today more than ever. On the other hand, Ian Murphy's phone call to Scott Walker ...
by NWTerriD
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• NM-Sen (PDF): What happens if you took a poll and no one answered? That's what this Tulchin Research poll (taken on behalf of ...
by David Nir
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Some call him a folk hero. Others think he's a disgrace to journalism. Ian Murphy of the buffalobeast.com draws strong reactions ...
by mmcintee
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When the GOP is exposed, by tricky methods it's called a "Prank"; When Dems are exposed, by tricky methods, it's called a "Sting"; When a "journalist" dresses up like pimp ...
by jamess
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Even though the story broke just a few hours before they went on air, the Daily Show was able to use the prank call from Ian Murphy, pretending to be David Koch, on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R)
by BruinKid
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As most readers here know, one of the hidden provisions in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s union busting bill concerns state-owned heating, cooling, and power plants. The emphasis in the stories ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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I can't wait to meet this guy! The Last Word Tonight, Lawrence has an exclusive ...
by stef
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The people over at Mother Jones are running those brains about the situation that Governor Walker has stepped into. Now the question is did he break the law. In his conversation, ...
by Adept2u
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