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Republicans have their queen of the 1 percent. In the wake of her ...
by Jon Perr
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This is not going to be either a sexy or outrage generating post, merely an updating to make a record about a few things that are going on now. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth , as you may recall, ...
by hannah
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Busy, busy, busy in those swingy swingy swing states .... Yesterday afternoon the Biden clan canceled a visit to Virginia Beach, VA, due to Hurricane Sandy's approach, but they kept the Lynchburg ...
by Susan Gardner
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Listening to Ann Romney speak last night, I was amazed at how vapid and idiotic her talk was. Even by the low standards of today's politicians (and the even lower standards for their wives), her ...
by JohnKWilson
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Senator (D- Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party ) Gillibrand of New York said today in a ...
by jpmassar
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This was inspired by ExplodingKitchen's diary, "I never thought I would be ashamed ...
by snafubar
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This just in... Ed Harris just stamped his ticket on the Straight Talk Express. ...
by Brainwrap
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Whew! Just got back from a nightmare cruise you probably heard about. First, Andrew McCarthy was worrying that I might wrap my towel around my head. ...
by esby
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Last week the NOH8 Campaign released a PSA about the connection between bullying and the suicide rate among LGBT teenagers, a video ...
by Barbara Morrill
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The repeal of the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy has been like a trip down the rabbit hole this year. In the courts you have on the one side the Republicans fighting to tear it down. One ...
by Scott Wooledge
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Of all the Orwellian inside-out euphemisms of the Conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans, perhaps none of them can match -- for sheer audacity or sheer perversion of meaning -- the GOP’s ...
by Keith Olbermann
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Credit where credit is due : Cindy McCain, the wife of 2008 ...
by Barbara Morrill
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[H/T to craigkg. He diaried this yesterday . I'd searched for diaries today on the subject before posting, but didn't see his ...
by VA Classical Liberal
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Just when you thought things couldn't get weirder, McCain has come out for marriage equality and against Prop 8 (aka Prop H8 aka Prop Hate). No, not John. No, not Meghan whose been on board with ...
by craigkg
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I was just reading over on TPM about a poll showing the great disconnect between ours and the public's perception of how to fix the economy on health care reform. And I have a monster set of comments,
by AmericanRiverCanyon
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Moments after the House passed a $2 billion extension to the wildly popular "
by Jon Perr
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Driving home from my workout, perhaps still hyperventilating, I had this waking nightmare—perhaps rather than yesterday marking Barack Obama’s 70th day in office, we had elected his ...
by zwerlst
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On the eve of American history...Cindy McCain is still whining! She attacked media coverage of her husband’s presidential campaign today, saying there is now “very little difference now ...
by StuHunter
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This headline just caught my eye:
by Brainwrap
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(INT. WHITE HOUSE FAMILY QUARTERS) (PLAY ON: "Hail to the Chief") ( The door opens and the Obamas enter: Barack first dressed in black tie, followed by Michele and the two kids, Sasha ...
by Jokesmith
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