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Clemson University doesn’t care about Black students. It doesn’t seem to care much for any of its students who represent diverse communities on campus. I’d go even further and say the ...
by AyDeeTheGreat
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The local television news uttered a foreboding refrain. "When we return, some sad news about a local college football player." At 13, I hadn't experienced much loss. All of my heroes were ...
by Grizzard
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Let me start here: David Woodard, Clemson professor of political science, should be fired tomorrow. Clemson University, a place that honors segregationist Strom Thurmond, murderous lyncher Ben ...
by Grizzard
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When people ask me why I love sports, and more importantly, why sports matter, I invariably tell them it's because some stars have the ability to transcend their on-field talent, leaving ripples ...
by Grizzard
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This week, I received an email from my alma mater, asking me to attend a dinner honoring the 50th anniversary of the university's integration. In 1963, Clemson opened its doors to Harvey Gantt, an ...
by Grizzard
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As many of you know, I wrote a diary on Saturday about a disgusting display by a large portion of the fans at Clemson's Memorial Stadium during what was supposed to be Military Appreciation Day. For ...
by Grizzard
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I need to take a moment to write a column that's not easy to write. It is difficult for two reasons. First, Clemson University is my alma mater. It's the place where my mother went to college and ...
by Grizzard
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The disturbing news that Florida State University sold out its faculty spots to the right-wing Koch ...
by JohnKWilson
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For a number of reasons (trying to exemplify "open minded" to my students, wearing my "ONE" t-shirt, and wondering what the hell the attraction is) I went to the Huckabee rally today at Clemson. ...
by Teddifish
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I had the chance to see John Edwards "up close and personal" when he held a small rally at the University where I work today. Turnout was quite respectable, especially for a university as solidly ...
by Teddifish
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by Ugluks Flea
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