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In my writing I often complain about what I perceive to be a lack of solidarity, cohesiveness and strategic organization within the progressive movement. In the face of the rapid ascension of the ...
by Ray Pensador
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A market economy focused on meeting people's needs is sustainable. A market economy based on capitalism's expectations of rampant consumerism and constant growth is not sustainable, globally. The ...
by Ray Pensador
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There is a group of wealthy individuals and corporatist organizations exerting undue influence on our system of government, and on society in general. Because of the power and money at their ...
by Ray Pensador
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My spouse and I are poor. There's no getting around it. One way we deal with this is that we participate in a house share. We pay roughly what we would for 1 bedroom apartment, but we have all ...
by LoreleiHI
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It's been a while since I last wrote a diary, and things have changed in many ways. I thought I'd let you know what's been going on.
by LoreleiHI
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Many people equate socialism with big government, but it is actually something you can do locally, with other like minded individuals. Credit unions, cooperatives, communes and co-housing groups ...
by SethRightmer
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