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Is male violence against women ever acceptable? What if a woman begs for it? What if she is acting crazy? Or yelling at a meeting? Or walking around a room holding up a cell phone to record a non-...
by blakblog
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Previous installments featuring Sea Island, Georgia and the threat to develop a wildlife habit by plopping down eight McMansions on a fragile bit of ocean front can be found here and here and ...
by hannah
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Shutterbugs is a venue for photographers to push beyond existing formats in search of new ways to diary creative imagery. Sunday Shutterbugs is a weekly community diary publishing at 10:30 Central ...
by OceanDiver
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A NorCal freshman Representative, Jared Huffman, San Rafael, just tweeted out that his very first bill passed the House and moves on to the Senate, H.R. 1411 RT @RepHuffman: I’m thrilled that ...
by LOrion
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Surprise shot walking back from the beach one morning My family likes to make most of an opportunity and living in DC puts us living on the East Coast for the first time ever. That's saying ...
by angelajean
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Here they go again.�Republicans in Congress are trotting out their cynical "drill baby drill" mantra to�try to hoodwink the American people into believing that�expanding oil ...
by rperks
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I have been very distraught about the Gulf and the wildlife and the sand but there is clearly child endangerment going on in Destin. I am posting this so people will see just how ignorant ...
by Vetwife
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K.I.S.S.: We have no credible scientific data on subsurface oil movement and degradation performance. We have inadequate support for competent public policy and private citizen ...
by vets74
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In a couple of days, it will be approximately two weeks since Fishgrease made his colorful oil booming ...
by Xeriar
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by thinkingblue
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In all, I have been on three continents and many different tropical islands. Needless to say, I have seen some of the world's most famed beaches. However, through those travels not one of those ...
by Florida Boy
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Primaries matter. They matter a lot. As Democrats fret about seats we might lose in November, it might be more prudent to concentrate on races where we might instead, pick up a seat. In Ohio’
by Save Ohio Now
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Efforts to build a modest streetcar line in my hometown of Cincinnati are currently under assault by an unholy alliance ...
by Living in Gin
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