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If you like public art, public appeals for peace, and public displays of affection, you'll love this video. Peace advocates in Denver for the Democratic National Committee meetings send the ...
by Robert Naiman
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If you think that all that is happening in Denver this week is pundit blah blah on CNN, consider that it's only Sunday afternoon, Denver time, and already a wide variety of peace protests have taken ...
by Robert Naiman
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On Saturday the 26th, CodePink was asked to cosponsor and/or participate in the "Global Peace Festival" , ...
by Randgrithr
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CodePink in DC hosted tonight's pre-impeachment hearing meeting to coordinate substance, logistics and planned official responses. In attendance were David ...
by Randgrithr
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This morning approximately 110 people lined up outside Rayburn 2141 hoping to get into the hearing. We were initially told that there were 40 seats available to the public, but ultimately only ...
by Randgrithr
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Hopefully this won't get missed in all the FISA/Obama fallout. Today, members of Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives ,
by Randgrithr
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Sorry for the short diary... Early this morning I found an unusual email from Medea Benjamin waiting for me in my inbox. It seems that last week when she was arrested in Florida, they confiscated ...
by Randgrithr
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On May 8th, Jes Richardson, Leslie Angeline and Medea Benjamin of CodePink crashed a Hillary fundraiser and managed to unfurl a banner protesting her ...
by Randgrithr
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"THE BLOOD OF A MILLION IRAQIS IS ON YOUR HANDS!" Photo by Charles Dharapak of the Associated ...
by Randgrithr
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*** ACTION ALERT *** 4,044 American Soldiers Have Now Died In Iraq We were at ...
by Randgrithr
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I'm putting this diary together to coordinate information and add a little informed backstory - not to take away from ...
by Randgrithr
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A volatile situation will escalate as a united front of New York and Long Island peace groups mark the ...
by Randgrithr
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With the approach of International Women's Day, Winter Soldier II and the fifth anniversary of the invasion of ...
by Randgrithr
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I've spoken with a tech in charge of CodePink's web site, and now make an appeal to the DKos technical community. Techie foo below the fold.
by Randgrithr
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CodePink's web site is under a distributed denial-of-service attack. Their service provider is working on the problem but their award-winning web page is down for the duration. As a system ...
by Randgrithr
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CodePink has been sponsoring occasional conference calls. Tonight's call features some pretty heavy hitters, including DK's wife Elizabeth, so I figured this would be of interest to the community. ...
by Randgrithr
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The Bushites are trying to intimidate us and keep us from speaking our minds -- but the women of CodePink are fighting back.
by Jim Hightower
Comment Count 158 comments on Tue Nov 13, 2007 at 07:45 PM PST with 289 Recommends
You may remember the sorry tale of Retired U.S. Army Col. Ann Wright and her peacenik colleague from CodePink being ...
by runesmith
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For those of you keeping track of those 'minor regulatory harmonizations' involved in the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) , there have been some Canadian developments in ...
by runesmith
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If you have watched C-SPAN lately you have ...
by atomchik
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