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A declassified report of more than 200 pages released last night by the Senate Armerd Services Comittee confirms that Bush military and intelligence officials prepared to torture 8 months ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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As some of you may know, the House Judiciary Committee will be having a vote on Wednesday the 22nd about an important bill concerning hate crimes. It's the "
by Hybridity
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This has been a bad couple of weeks for one Michael Steele. It looks like he's going to loose his job very soon. One would think he would try and get his facts straight before making statements. ...
by Wannabe Speechwriter
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As we have seen in the past few days our "Democratic" Senator from New Jersey has been a horses ass. Bob Menendez has decided to hold up two well qualified science appointees over an issue of the ...
by NoOnSolis
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The whole matter of whether to give the money GM wants to continue as "a going concern" continues to drag on. Now the committee appointed by Presdient Obama will be making a site tour next week in MI.
by The Car Czar
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Bloggers everywhere are getting everything they can squeeze out of Vice President Dick Cheney's interview with ABC television the ...
by Valtin
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It is now official. After testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971 as a ...
by beachmom
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The most eloquent argument I've ever seen in the web against Lieberman [Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnKh3N5Vgy4]
by askeptic
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I just listened to Howard Fineman of Newsweek on Countdown with Keith Olbermann . He stated that things are moving in Joe Lieberman's direction in the Senate, including support for ...
by GreekGirl
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Right to the point here. Joe Lieberman has been on many people minds lately and now is the time for the Senate Dems to show that they intend to be Leaders going forward. Unfortunately it seems that ...
by LostInTexas
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While we all (or at least most of us here!) agree that Lieberman has to be punished, we need to be clear on how exactly we go about it. Some Senators like Evan Bayh are not helping matters by ...
by Whirlaway
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Breaking News on CNBC. Down goes the old bull and his anti climate change supporters. Waxman is a true believer. He believes in fixing our climate problems and is a much better fit for the position.
by pollster
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Yesterday, the Committee on Education and Labor passed legislation that would increase the amount of time children spend outdoors learning about important issues such as climate change and ...
by Chairman George Miller
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* Update: Kos has a diary up now about this, go there. Apparently the DNC is going to disenfranchise only half the voters in Florida and Michigan who thought their votes weren't going ...
by a gnostic
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**Reposting, as we only got 45 responses yesterday. We will add those to what we get here. Dear Friends, As President Bush stubbornly refuses to change course in Iraq, it grows increasingly ...
by Wexler For Congress Campaign
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The Democratic Party’s Presidential Primary; the Bowl Championship Series; two contests, each attempting to decide one winner. One is fatally flawed. The other? Worse. What’s your ...
by Bambam
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I'm in need of some advice from my fellow Kossacks. I'm a committee member of a regional Democratic committee and I've uncovered rock-solid evidence of party disloyalty from another committee member.
by Junkyard Dem
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The Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club in Northern California has produced a video about the benefits of running for the Democratic Central Committee. Take a look at it after the fold.
by moosely2006
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Really, this is the final straw that should get our favorite independent stripped of any and all seniority in the Democratic Party. He will be campaigning against the Democratic candidate in the ...
by skisb
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Friday i was at the pennsylvania democratic state committee meeting in camp hill Pa. There was a woman = Renee George Martin Who shared the following (special assitant for legislative ...
by DCusaVietnamVet
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