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The Senate faces a shining opportunity next week to break from Congress' reflexive votes to discriminate against women, and to reclaim leadership for covering abortion care for all women regardless ...
by ershaffer
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Before leaving for spring recess, the ...
by Joan McCarter
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After the House of Representatives did the unthinkable Thursday— passed substantive legislation with a resounding bipartisan vote, ...
by Joan McCarter
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The House passed a permanent payment formula fix for ...
by Joan McCarter
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by Joan McCarter
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Democrats have done much blame-gaming and finger-pointing at Republicans for their inclusion of anti-abortion language in the Human Trafficking Bill. I get it and agree. But maybe we’re not ...
by Grandma Kinne
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The states that are refusing to expand Medicaid money under the Affordable Care Act aren't just going to be losing billions in Medicaid money, they'll be losing funds that have been ...
by Joan McCarter
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There are currently 60 health care centers across Pennsylvania where people who have illnesses or injuries but don't have the money for treatment can go for care. The Corbett administration is now ...
by ProgressivePatriotPA
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By Liany Arroyo, Associate Director, Education and Children’s Policy Project Happy Tax Day! According to the Tax Foundation , you have had to work until today, April 17, 2012, to earn enough to ...
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The ACA is starting to resemble the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy ...
by Phoebe Loosinhouse
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Don't you love it when you hear about programs being passed that are actually going to do something to help the little guy? Some legislation that benefits Main Street and not Wall Street? You know, ...
by Phoebe Loosinhouse
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Thank you, Senator Bernie Sanders. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)
by Greg Dworkin
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First diary. Please forgive me for any weird formatting issues (or for any redundancy - I didn't see any diaries covering this, but I may have missed one). Very briefly, the community health ...
by oaklandmd
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The proposed GOP continuing resolution decimating community health centers ...
by Joan McCarter
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The Washington Independent takes a closer look at one of the key domestic spending ...
by Joan McCarter
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Ladies and gentlemen, Obamacare in action : HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today announced awards of $727 ...
by Benintn
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We've made the first step, but there's no sense in taking the first step and not walking further. As in continue on the road for UHC, for me, there is a new development: I don't think we need a ...
by fgsfds
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Crossposted from The People's View . There's been a lot of grumbling on the current health care legislation - and there are bound to be. As ...
by deaniac83
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Ten Strategic Local Campaigns 1. Locally Grown Organic Food 2. Local Currencies and Community Banks 3. Health Care Access, Including Natural and Integrative ...
by OrganicConsumer
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Seriously. I have had enough of this mentality floating around here that if the blue dogs like it, we must hate it. Or take any other group. If such and such group likes it, then we can't accept ...
by deaniac83
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