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Republicans won in a blowout. Why? I believe it is because Democrats did not give their supporters anything to vote for. Republicans did. It is true that Obama is pretty unpopular. But Obama was ...
by Daver71
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Ever since Nate Silver hired the Global Warming denialist Roger Pielke over at the new fivethirtyeight.com website, I have to admit that I've been a bit curious as to what kind of articles we might ...
by pollwatcher
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By: inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ A number of political analysts have labeled Hurricane Sandy as one of the factors that helped Barack Obama win re-election. Here , for instance, is a typical ...
by Inoljt
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"I complained that I had no shoes, until I met someone who had no feet." -- Persian proverb Semantic bootstrapping -- psychology.wikia.com Bootstrapping alludes to a German legend about Baron Mü...
by jamess
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Competence and warmth are two important dimensions for evaluating other persons ( stereotype content model ). In his infamous "47%" speech to wealthy donors, Romney explained that his goal is to ...
by van basten
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About four years ago I posted my first diary here about Moind's Fourth Postulate about competence and how it seemed to apply to Sarah Palin. However looking at Romney's campaign and it's lack of ...
by aisb23
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Some people - a lot of people, in fact, dubiously gifted with partial intelligence and minimal self-awareness - will simply never get the memo that they are not universal geniuses. It is just ...
by Troubadour
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I awoke to the the following teaser on my RSS feed from none other than Mark Halperin this morning. Mark Halperin's new "One Nation" column: The President (with help from -Biden-...
by DJShay
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Numerous articles have appeared in the past year castigating the White House for being slow in coming up with nominees to Presidentially nominated positions. For example, on January ...
by randomfacts
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Say what you will about the Carter administration...he had some very bright people around him. This will be a short diary, but the bottom line is that talent counts. Everytime I've ever seen Zbig ...
by Keith930
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According to the good people at the New York ...
by Kire
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What is a toxicon ? It's someone whose extreme lack of understanding of a given subject has resulted in ...
by detoxicon
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Dear Senator, You may think that your position on health care reform pushed you over the top in the last election. It didn't. You probably have polls saying that the money rolled in because of ...
by Mark Sumner
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It seems that the these last two times that Democrats won the White House, the party pretty much fell apart not long after. Example, in 1992, Bill Clinton came in with a strong majority at every ...
by LarryKrebbs
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...fuck exactly how the President chooses to go about passing strong public option legislation. Guarantee a veto without it or don't; use the word "must" or just express a strong preference; ...
by Troubadour
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...and, by way of apology, this is a quickly typed rant, but it has to be set free else I do damage to myself by screaming or beating myself senseless against a doorjam, or actually calling one of ...
by Shocko from Seattle
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“Damn you, Barack Obama! You’re not Clark Kent with a tan! You’re not gay! You’re not Bernie Sanders!! You’re not an idealist with 10 or 12 rigid, unyielding ...
by Pangloss
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The current and immediately past administrations make an extraordinarily powerful case against affirmative action. Disagree? Read on.
by cwhig
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I've read both his books, watched so many of his speeches, stood 30 feet from him with my daughter as my favorite musician (Bruce) introduced him with the best song from my favorite album (The Rising)
by ellisfish
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(This is my first diary, so please be gentle) The theory stated below is not original to me, but is something I have posted on the wall of my office. It was given to me by a co-worker when I ...
by aisb23
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