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We, the two parties vying for power, in order to form a more perfect protection of the system as it stands, will do anything to eliminate the possibility for any others wanting to create something ...
by syberlion
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Carnivores are gaining in Europe, thanks to the public and governments' willingness to embrace them. But in the US, they're still feared by a largely ignorant population.
by jroberthall
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Barry Barry Quite Contrary, How Does Your Legacy Grow? You tempted the masses with hope and change Utopia soon would be known. With the wind at your back, dems poised to attack Who knew how this ...
by Willtwain
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A few days ago, a friend shared a Facebook post written by a friend of hers, someone I didn’t know. Yesterday our mutual friend introduced us, and I talked him into letting me share his message ...
by Bruce Brown
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We don't have all the data in yet to know exactly why the Dems were demolished well beyond even the GOP's best hopes. But we can make some preliminary judgments. IMO, the biggest reason overall is ...
by diomedes77
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Where my piece "The Trolls Have a Strategy, What's Ours?" appeared on Huffington Post, a reader wrote: This post just adds fuel to the fire of a shameful, hateful cycle of Us vs. Them. Don't focus ...
by AndySchmookler
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Nowadays the members of one tribe (calling themselves liberals, progressives, and Democrats) hold sharply different views and values than the members of the other (conservatives, Tea Partiers, and ...
by richturc125
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Don't freak out!!!! I don't actually hate YOU!!! That's just the title of the article I am posting as my very first Daily Kos diary. I've been posting articles on Newsvine for about 6 years. Sadly, ...
by MalamuteMan
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[M]ost Democrats grew up with and still believe a view of reason that has been shown in cognitive science and neuroscience to be false. The sciences of mind have shown that real reason is largely ...
by richturc125
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When we're kids we try out identities. Do we want to be viewed as tough or brave? Do we want to be seen as smart or thoughtful? Of course how we view ourselves is most impacted by how we want ...
by RationalPolitics
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I do not want to be equal to you. All my life, you have asked me to be less than I am, so that you could be more comfortable around me. All theory aside, most people tend to fall into three ...
by serendipityisabitch
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I have experienced the physical and emotional pain of "hate speech" personally.  I have seen its impact on those around me and those far away. Having  spent much of my childhood and early teenage ...
by RationalPolitics
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Hop over the jump to see a suggested grand bargain that expands gun control laws and gun rights.
by KVoimakas
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In the aftermath of our totally unnecessary and embarrassing government shutdown, it is clear that something is terribly wrong with our government. The American governing system was built around ...
by publicolalocke
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Van Jones has some real talk for progressives, and it's something that's sure to fire you up, make you laugh, make you roll your eyes, and, most importantly, make you think a little bit differently ...
by lpickett
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Ted Cruz has a new plan to stop the compromise designed to re-open the government and raise the debt limit.
by pounds
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Seems to me the United States House of Representatives offered to move the budget forward as it stood.... if the Senate would accept two legislative proposals: 1 - law makers who voted into law the ...
by wfmc
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When you are wrong, a true friend and ally will tell you the truth. I am an expert at being wrong, a master of error. If I am wrong, tell me. We may disagree but still trust. Our hearts can get ...
by ruleoflaw
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-Ban the phrase "Happy Holidays" -Tim Tebow named starter of Dallas Cowboys -Firearm Safety training in Pre-School -Obama's REAL Birth Certificate -Global Warming be renamed "Longer Summertime" -Tax ...
by JeremySchro
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Once upon a time, there was a football team that only played defense, and another football team that only played offense. One of them wore blue jerseys, and the other one wore red jerseys. Guess ...
by Eric Stetson
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