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Who did you go to see for your first concert, if you can recall that far back? :) For me the answer is simple enough, he was my favorite artist when I was a kid, he was from metro Detroit as I was,
by BFSkinner
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There is nothing exactly like the experience of a live concert. From the first beat of the opening number to the last tone of the encore, if the show is done right you are held enthralled both by ...
by BFSkinner
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Did you see the Dead? Best show? Tell us. I recall college. 1988. Western Illinois University. A few folks asked me if I wanted to go see the Dead play at Solider Field. Think I said who is the ...
by webranding
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News from the Plains: All this RED can make you BLUE Springsteen's Top Ten by Barry Friedman Comes to you a list that will tear families apart, destroy the strongest unions, may include some de-...
by vuzvilla
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I've written about my favorite live concerts here. But truth be told I have was blessed to live in one place, one time and hear what I think was the best live band I've ever heard. I've seen the ...
by webranding
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Every day is a new day and with that, a new opportunity. EVERYONE is welcome and please join us each morning at 7:30 AM PACIFIC to tell us what you're working on, share your show & tell , vent, ...
by paradise50
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I often talk about music here. How I travel to see concerts. How much I love music. All totally true. But I thought, I never mentioned the first concert I went to. Solider Field. July 1983. The ...
by webranding
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In 2011 at Bonnaroo this happened (video below the fold). Now if you don't know Bonnaroo is a multi-day concert on a 700 acre farm in the middle of nowhere TN. You camp out in tents. There are like ...
by webranding
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As a musician, one can appreciate events in a somewhat different perspective than non-musicians. Allow me to comment about how I "heard" the Republican and Democratic conventions, after the orange "...
by dagnome
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I tend to rank order shit. So my list of top concerts. It was 1997. I was working at this ad agency outside of Reston, VA. There was this guy that worked in the "pit." The "production pit." They ...
by webranding
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If any one here has been to a concert or a play recently, you know the drill before the show starts, about silencing (or better yet, turning off) cell phones and other such communication devices, so ...
by chingchongchinaman
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I think it was 1987. A college friend said hey lets go see the Dead play. I kid you not when I say I didn't know who the Dead was. I'd never been to a live concert, much less one with 100,000 folks ...
by webranding
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Well hello there everyone! It's Tuesday evening so ya know what's about to happen. Yep, we're going to leave the bad news and politics behind and instead focus on sharing our favorite songs. It's ...
by poligirl
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Who have you seen in concert? Who was great? Bad? Good? Do you recall? I've presented in this diary all the groups I remember seeing....just for the heck of a musical experience. My very first ...
by BFSkinner
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Along the lines of the "What are you reading?" diaries I figured this would make an interesting first foray into diary-ing. This year has been the best year of concerts for me since 1995-96. I'...
by newleaves
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My girl took me to an incredible show/concert, Rain . Go see them, if you're a Beatles fan it's mandatory, if you like The Beatles go, you'...
by The 13th Floor
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We expected to be among the oldest people there, but that wasn't quite the case. Turns out, there are lots and lots of Green Day fans aged 35-50 who - get this - brought their kids along to get ...
by Steaming Pile
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I really, really like Rage Against the Machine, but I truly, truly hate Rush Limbaugh. I actually for once won tickets from a radio station and the tickets are to see RATM. This is ...
by The Sheeping of America
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On this Sunday let's take a break from Barack, bailouts and Bush to contemplate the universe. Tomorrow marks the 200th anniversary of The Greatest Concert Ever. Fellow geezers: Forget the ...
by GregMitch
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"What a long, strange trip it's been..."
by howardpark
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