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The names of the ratfuckers who voted to BLOCK a bill that would discourage companies from sending jobs overseas with a tax cut wet kiss goodbye is below the fold. Give them hell.
by MinistryOfTruth
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OK, I have a dilemma. Following a mighty display of underwear filling terror by the so-called Democratic moderates, the middle class tax cuts are off the table. My message to them is "Go Fuck ...
by LunkHead
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Update: Sorry for the original title. I read earlier that Webb was siding with Republicans. I did a lot of volunteering in 1996 for Mary Landrieu's campaign for Senate. ...
by RfrancisR
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No wonder there is an enthuisiasm gap: Congressional Democrats are confronting deep divisions in their nervous ranks over whether to support President Barack Obama's plan to ...
by TomP
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Color me skeptical . Key tea party players, on and off Capitol Hill, are expressing a willingness to put ...
by Joan McCarter
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John Barrow (GA-12) has consistently been one of the biggest disappointments as a Democrat in Congress. I don't think he can even be called a Democrat without laughing. DINO or ...
by alpolitics
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This week on Huffington Post's Denver page, Michael Bennet posted an article - Close the Revolving ...
by wade norris
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African-American candidates running statewide in the South find tremendous challenges and often times feel the only way they can win is to run as far right as possible. See Harold Ford in the ...
by alpolitics
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The Republican wing of the Democratic party. The Blue Dogs. The ConservaDems. These assholes licked Bush's fingers for a taste of his dinner and now they are biting Obama's ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Million dollar bonuses to a handful of corporate bankers that received TARP money = GOOD!!! Small bonuses to millions of Americans on fixed incomes = BAD!!!
by The Clevelander
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I was one of many Kossacks who have been critical of Evan Bayh in general, and of his decision yesterday to bail out of the Indiana Senate race at the 11th hour in particular. But now, if the ...
by RenMin
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It is always interesting to look back at a particular time in your life or issue that gave you pause, or a passion that ignited a fire in you for one reason or another and made you take action. In ...
by janicegwashington
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It appears that the toughest job isn't going to be in the Senate in terms of getting a bill through. It's actually going to be through the House. Nancy Pelosi has got a very tough job ahead of her.
by calchala
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As some of you have quoted before, give the voters a choice between a Democrat running as a Republican, and a Republican, they'll choose the Republican. And so it goes, another lost opportunity for,
by foucaultspendulum
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From today's meeting between President Obama and Senate Democrats today comes this gem . . . . "If the price of certainty is essentially for us to adopt the exact same ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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After today's oddly tone-deaf response that he was "surprised" and "frustrated" about losing the Safest Senate Seat in the United States by a nearly 10 point margin to a political unknown, I have to ...
by Pometacom
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Here comes a very important news update for those of us who think the Senate filibuster is antiquated and an obstacle to progressive legislation held in thrall by conservative Senate Democrats. Here'...
by slinkerwink
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The Conservadem Senators are vowing to kill the bill unless House Democrats f.ck labor and roll over on all major issues: Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.)
by TomP
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This is a short diary, mostly an escape from the "some assembly required" hell that awaits many fathers on Xmas day. Progressives have leverage right now. Progressives simply don't have to pass ...
by potatohead
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By this time tomorrow, Senate Democratic majority and their caucus-mates will have successfully overcome the threat of filibuster by the GOP and Conservadem opposition and voted in favor of the ...
by mojave mike
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