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If you take your taxes to a tax-in-the-box service, beware. I'm talking about those retail outlets in strip malls and department stores that are part of national chains. It doesn't matter which one ...
by Nancy Meyer
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2014 was the hottest year. Thankfully there is something else getting hot, consumer sustainability. Sustainability itself is hot. Corporate sustainability keeps gaining momentum because of ...
by Earth Accounting
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In 1968 Buckminster Fuller popularized the concept of Spaceship Earth. But have we paid attention to this concept? Are we aware of the use of limited resources and now are we aware that the ...
by Earth Accounting
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In its online newsletter, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce expressed its outrage that the head of the CFPB, Richard Cordray, criticized its Big Bank constituents that issue debit cards and offer ATM ...
by FreeMarkets
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BRING IT ON!! Monday (Aug. 4th) is decision day "for thousands of Market Basket workers who have been given the ultimatum of returning to work or being replaced. The company planned the first of ...
by 47songs
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This is the information age and super-consumers need more than others. They have a compelling need to know. And sometimes you just need an escape from it all! SkyMall is ready to assist.
by John Crapper
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The more I learn about how humans have screwed with this planet, the more I realize I know diddily-dick. The first I ever heard about unsustainable palm oil harvesting in Indonesia and Malaysia, ...
by Infected Zebra
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An Industrial Church - Buy and Be Happy, or Die... Founded April 2, 1792 The Declaration of Eternal Debt Doctrine of Holy Submission to 'Wealth' The Consumer: Consumerism under-girds every ...
by Starr Mignon
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I should probably take this to a consumer forum instead of Dkos, but I'm so angry that I'm going to start screaming if I don't get this off my chest. I didn't notice it until the second month ...
by denise b
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A very interesting piece today by Emily Bazelon on Slate about the Chamber of Commerce attack on consumer class actions and the 5-4 majority that supports them. http://www.slate.com/articles/...
by JDB
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I don't often diary here about technology, though it is the industry in which I have made my living. As a few caveats before I go into this, I want to be open and add: I have been a registered MS ...
by Chris Reeves
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My wife and I are parents-to-be. Upon learning that my wife was pregnant, her obstetrician handed us a brochure advertising the services of a private cord blood bank and encouraged us to consider ...
by cjo30080
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Wall Street profiteers may never recover as our favorite consumer advocate finally has achieved her dream and the dream of many others in the Middle Class. According to the Huffington Post: ...
by smokey545
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These are human beings goddamnit, their lives have value! I’m most likely preaching to the choir and hope the my voice can add to the thousands literally starving for change here in the first ...
by djrobertjohnson
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I was talking to my wife of 37 years last night. We were commiserating how the workplace has changed over the years since we first were married in 1975. We both worked for large corporations back ...
by dangoch
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Many followers of the Occupy Wall Street movement are undoubtedly already aware of it's latest endeavor--the Rolling Jubillee Movement. The movement describes itself in the following way on their ...
by tiimbitz4786
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If you can't approach the task of building public awareness through books or blogs, and TV and radio are mostly out of reach as well, what do you have? Going door to door? I have done that, too. ...
by Stuart Heady
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I hadn't seen a diary on this, but I think it's important news so I wanted to quickly put up this story:
by Markydeee
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There have been a few posts recently about Walmart. I commented in one and it was followed up with a few questions I didn’t have time to answer so I thought I would respond here in a more ...
by renmor
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Are there times when you look at something that you use in your home and wonder about the people who labored to produce it and deliver it to you? I caught myself having that thought recently and ...
by AZ Sphinx Moth
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