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It's nothing personal, it's just business. American CEOs earn the highest executive salaries in the world, but their companies are offshoring jobs overseas for cheaper labor, saying they "have to be ...
by Bud Meyers
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Tonight I just watched an episode of Cold Case on TV called "Sabotage" ( 2008, Season 5, Episode 12 ). While I didn't consider this particular episode one of their better efforts, it did pertain to ...
by Bud Meyers
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It was a relief to hear more than a passing reference to climate change in President Obama's State of the Union Speech, including promises of more support for wind and solar power. But ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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I know these Diaries are read by a bunch of highly intelligent people who are well versed in many of the political intricacies of American culture and law. Indeed, better versed than I, if truth be ...
by twigg
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Student loans are the only type of loan in this country to be stripped of standard bankruptcy protections, and the systemic effects of this have been harmful to the public good. We urge all ...
by studentloanjustice
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The little guys and gals scored a victory as Woodforest Bank has agreed to refund $12 million to customers who ...
by alpolitics
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Student loans have become one of the most lucrative businesses for investors at the expense of hard-working people trying to get an education.
by ckessler222
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The federal student loan system has been astonishingly absent of the most basic consumer protections for decades, now, and the federal government has done nothing to bring them back. Thankfully, ...
by studentloanjustice
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The federal student loan system- absent of nearly every standard consumer protection one can name- has been allowed go unchecked a bit too long...Finally, I can report that at long last, ...
by studentloanjustice
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This just struck me as odd when I read it. I was even more dismayed when public comment was disregarded. These changes serve to confuse borrowers even more than they already are. Not ...
by studentloanjustice
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This is the third part in a weeklong series. Please Visit StudentLoanJustice.Org to see more.
by studentloanjustice
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With all of the din around health care reform I think its important we remember why corporate interests are vehemently against it. Its the politics stupid!
by sgwhiteinfla
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Our great Daily Kos front pager Meteor Blades yesterday asked me to write a health care diary listing lines in the sand for ...
by jim bow
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I wrote this letter to Paul LaMonica in response to his article at CNNMoney.com titled This isn't just a Wall Street Bailout . ...
by Yalin
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