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If you want to see a microcosm of the decay in American society and culture, you need look no further than today's Super Bowl! From the inane three hour Pre game show to the display of military ...
by tvdude
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Many folks around the country are just discovering the new Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). They are learning Sanders has been on an incredibly bold ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Today, the House voted to give corporate America a big Christmas present: lots and lots of tax breaks. Although many Democrats have been pushing for a two-year tax extender package, the House ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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It's Christmastime, everybody. A week before Thanksgiving. This year it began before the jack-o'-lanterns decomposed and the Elsa costumes were hung away. Every year Christmas creep begins earlier ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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Check out my site, Claytoonz . Follow me on Twitter .
by claytoonz
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We need to remember that, while 2014 may be a midterm election year, it's just as important that we vote like we did in the 2012 presidential election cycle & like we will do in the 2016 cycle. ...
by jgsf1987
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Quinnipiac just released a "survey" that claims to reflect general feelings that the public has about attitudes towards President Obama. Upon closer analysis the green curtain reveals the typical ...
by ConservativeBrainTrust
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I was astounded by this Cadillac ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGJSI48gkFc It shows a fit middle aged man gloating about his pool, mansion and of course his Cadillac. All of which he is entitled ...
by pennywa
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Football has been my favorite sport for many years. Some of my fondest memories are of going with my Dad as an 8 year old to high school football games he officiated on weekends; and for close to a ...
by thirty three and a third
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Shares of Bootstrap, Inc. (NASDAQ: BOOT) surged to another all-time high today, as the company announced that it's eliminating all American jobs and shifting production to countries without a ...
by Eric Stetson
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Maybe you're a cop or a firefighter or, like me, a utility worker. Maybe you're working a cash register at a gas station. Or selling concessions or parking cars at a sporting event. Or driving an ...
by DuzT
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Pole climbing class was the final step in the process of getting hired to be a phoneman and it was clearly designed as a test of one’s willpower, a “weeder” class as we used to say in college.
by DuzT
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I haven't posted anything here in a while but over the last month or so I've had an experience with AT&T that is so disquieting that it has caused myself and everybody in my household to shake our ...
by normcash
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For those of you who've been getting too little work lately (or none at all), let me offer some words of essential encouragement, because we're not out of this economic rough spot by a long shot. ...
by Kannon McAfee
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We tend to think of presidents and presidential candidates as autonomous actors. They are not. We'd like to believe that if we just elect the right person, someone with the right stuff, a reformer, ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Sometimes it's really important for the LGBT Community (I know, but I needed to make a blanket statement here) to acknowledge, as we often do here at the Great Orange Satan, that we have allies (here,
by Dave in Northridge
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Propose a tax increase and you lose -- that's been the axiom of American politics for a decade or more. But as the nation wallows in the economic doldrums, the old idea that all tax increases are ...
by petercgoldmark
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When I think of immigration reform in the US today, I think of people migrating here from across our southern border in search of work, usually for low-skilled and low-paying jobs --- such as farm ...
by Bud Meyers
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A while back I wrote about being attacked by a customer's dog while on the job as a utility worker, and how my company then proceeded to blame me for the whole incident. The following is a story ...
by DuzT
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As a utility worker I encounter animals, wild and domestic, on a daily basis. Sometimes these encounters are beautiful, more often they're annoying and sometimes they're seriously dangerous. Below ...
by DuzT
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