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Former John Birch Society insider Claire Conner, thinks that the Tea Party Patriots = John Birchers, revised for circa 2015. In a sense, she had the same " ring-side seat " that the Koch Brothers ...
by jamess
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Who would have guessed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation help fund this sidestep democracy organization. Here are two charts showing who helped fund ALEC. You can double click on each chart ...
by War on Error
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Even though one of the favorite GOP talking points of this election cycle is railing against the "bailouts," ...
by Joan McCarter
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In the past, corporations and rich donors were savvy enough to split their giving to both political parties so that both sides would have a financial incentive to protect them. Yes, they might lean ...
by Cenk Uygur
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From a press release I received via email a few days ago PHOENIX -- The Arizona Democratic Party has filed a complaint against the Republican Governors Association, the ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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by lucretia
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by DFJtoo
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