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People who live outdoors are in trouble. Those with service dogs are not allowed indoors.
by aoeu
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This is a picture heavy diary, with various pictures and explanations of Itzl's signals and sign language. Some of y'all already know Itzl, and how he's a signal dog, or a hearing assistance dog ...
by Noddy
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I don't talk about ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) very much because I don't have or need one. But ESAs do cross some of the boundaries of service dogs. So, let's talk about the rights and needs ...
by Noddy
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Itzl is 9 years old today. We've been partners for 8 of those years. For any other dog, this would mean he's at the age where he would be considering retirement. The average length of time a dog ...
by Noddy
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Many people who would benefit from having a service dog don't have one. The ultimate reason is a simple one for which there is no quick remedy: there is a distinct lack of people and agencies who ...
by Noddy
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Calling on all compassionate Kossacks to help prevent the court-ordered euthanasia of Dutch, a service dog who bit a woman after she kicked him and beat him repeatedly with a metal pole.
by Below the Beltway
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Having a service dog is both a very freeing experience and a challenge. The challenge doesn't just come from the care and consideration a service dog needs - feedings, toiletings, advanced training,
by Noddy
Comment Count 13 comments on Fri Aug 17, 2012 at 02:21 PM PDT with 43 Recommends
Itzl performs tasks and holds a calm maturity that exceeds that of most humans. We've been partnered for 8 years now. This diary isn't about my disability so much as it is about my service partner.
by Noddy
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Nobody communes with nature better than a dog.
by Noddy
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Whenever I talk about the challenges Itzl and I receive when we go out in public, someone always asks why I don't put Itzl in a service dog vest. This is one reason why. Far too many people ignore ...
by Noddy
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Not as hot as last year, but still pretty hot.
by Noddy
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Some people just have to flaunt their authority. Especially if they are in uniform. Especially if you are partnered with a service dog, clearly tagged as such, in a public place.
by Noddy
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This article highlights how hearing loss is both an invisible problem and one widely ignored by insurance.
by Noddy
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Itzl is one smart little dog. He teaches himself signs and signals to tall me what he means, and he quickly picks up my signs and signals. We hardly talk with sounds to one another anymore, a ...
by Noddy
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Most days are pretty normal. The places Itzl and I go on regular days are all accustomed to us and hardly even notice Itzl's presence anymore unless a customer decides to get pushy about it. That ...
by Noddy
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As most of you know from my past diaries, I'm disabled in a variety of ways. Physically and mentally, I'm pretty well fucked up. And part of my upbringing was that if I wasn't doing something useful,
by LoreleiHI
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Because it was hot and my AC broke, I have had to take Xoco to work with me for hte past 2 days. Here are some pictures of her visit. She put a good face on things, but she was pretty miserable. ...
by Noddy
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Apparently, they changed the sounds of the firetruck sirens and confused poor Itzl.
by Noddy
Comment Count 13 comments on Fri May 25, 2012 at 05:44 PM PDT with 28 Recommends
Both of them are silently protesting the presence of Hector, who is still homeless simply because he's going to be a huge dog. This means they are refusing to alert on anything when we are at home,
by Noddy
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Itzl casts a long shadow. Not just pictorially, although he can do that, too, at certain times of the day. (train alert...)
by Noddy
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