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Big money and special interests have dismantled many things in Wisconsin. With the changes in our justice system we may never have fairness and clean government again. According to the Alliance for ...
by JoryInWI
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In between the fog of all the budget talk, our screwed-up and corrupted Supreme Court also was in the headlines this week. First was the release from Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley recusing ...
by Jake formerly of the LP
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Ever since the fiasco that was the Prosser/Kloppenburg Wisconsin Supreme Court election – and specifically because of the shenanigans of Kathy Nickolaus, Waukesha’s County Clerk – my friend ...
by Nomi Rene
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Chronic workplace violence, threats of a restraining order, Prosser admits he acts out of uncontrolled anger and suddenly "found my hands on her neck". On this link are copies (clickable to PDF's) ...
by mumtaznepal
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I am a relative newcomer to Wisconsin and Senate District 8. I moved here last summer from the Chicago area where I was very involved with DFA canvassing door to door for not only Obama but several ...
by minvis
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It was announced this afternoon that two separate investigations will go forward regarding the "Prosser chokes Bradley" incident. Coverage on Kos (
by noise of rain
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UPDATE : Looks like stcroix ...
by azizhp
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It's apparently a done deal, ten more years. It is no surprise; ballots recount the same. The vote patterns are apparent. Overall, Wisconsin swung blue in 2011. Counties averaged a five percent ...
by jqjacobs
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Source: BRAD BLOG (Reposted with Brad's permission) EXCLUSIVE: WI State Election Board Failed to Review Minutes From Waukesha County 'Recount' Before Certifying Supreme Court ...
by Cieran
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It's true. Your favorite dynamic duo got down and dirty with some real hogs yesterday. But, by hogs I don't mean the rich republican "piggy" type of hog. Those porkers scare the living bejeezus ...
by invisiblewoman
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Right now there is a diary up by PvtJarHead showing that one ballot bag from Delafield, ...
by jsamuel
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Having reviewed the recount procedure manual, review forms, and recount procedures I have filed the following questions with the Wisconsin Accountability Board. Dear WAB, 4/28/...
by ca democrat
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By "partial," I mean that some places across the state will have hand recounts. The GAB and the two candidates agreed to hand count those areas that used Optech Eagle machine vote tabulators.
by jsamuel
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So, on Monday I saw this great diary by yourguide about irregularities in Waukesha ...
by Cieran
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Hello Kossacks. In case some of you haven't seen this, I thought I would post a recap of today's editorial in The Cap Times , in furtherance of our discussion about the smelly situation in ...
by avadoria
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In light of the outcry over the Budget Repair Bill and the incredible closeness of the Supreme Court election, you would think Wisconsin Republicans would be trying to stay under the radar for a ...
by kevin626
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Directly from the ...
by Cieran
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How to fiddle with votes. Enter them, Disappear them and make them reappear Just tonight, Prosser has called upon Joan Kloppenberg to forego her legal right to a recount. Below ...
by debcoop
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Waukesha 2004, Bush v. Kerry. Apparently in 2004 the polls in Waukesha were teeming with voters as the Waukesha County Clerk's office showed a 97.63% turn out. No, that's not a typo. 97.63% http://...
by yourguide
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While I appreciate the efforts at further investigating the screwiness that is Waukesha Judges election, jsamuel ...
by Gangster Octopus
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