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The polls open UK wide in one week. But the most interesting part of the election is happening in Scotland. Here's a map of Scotland in 2010 along with the most recent Polling projections for ...
by OllieGarkey
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/Kanye West - "I Am A God" - 2013/ Welcome to the weekly open thread for policy discussions by DK Elections regulars. While the main Daily Kos Elections blog, an official subsite of Daily Kos, ...
by DK Elections Policy
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As Jeremy Epstein notes on his Freedom to Tinker blog , in great detail: "If your States election was held in 2014 using the AVS WinVote touchscreen Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machine,
by windsong01
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Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say that because Google has disabled support for NPAPI (the old Netscape plugin protocol), Dave's Redistricting App will no longer work on Chrome. DRA uses ...
by dgb
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In this diary I will explain how I see the political situation and what would be for me the path for a Democratic victory in the Presidential election of 2016. The diary will include also some note ...
by abgin
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Part 1: the State Legislature This diary is the second part in my series of analyzing the 2014 election results in Maine. My first diary analyzed the state legislative results. This diary will look ...
by ProudNewEnglander
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The Republicans in the 114th Congress have learned the lessons of 1948. Their recent moves – the Netanyahu invitation and the Iranian letter – are a way to position the Democratic Party as soft ...
by stancutler
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This will not be as in-depth as I originally intended, but the necessity I found in publishing it at all overcame my desire for a deeper analysis of the region. Eastern Oregon is a geographically ...
by James Allen
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It's 7 AM in Israel, 6 AM where I'm at, and I tried to compile a Google Sheet to compare the results of the Israeli elections today with those of 2013 . It's based on: (a) The Israeli Election ...
by nimh
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Local elections often have low turnout, despite the fact that local government holds great responsibilities that effect every day life. While federal elections are important, who we elect as ...
by DrPhillips
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Hi everyone. The Israeli election is tomorrow (March 17); polls close at 1PM Pacific (and now you East Coasters finally know what it feels to always do the math!). No idea how long results will ...
by jncca
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Hey, so you know how everyon'e always going on about how demographic change will eventually deliver this or that red state to the Democrats? Because minorities keep growing as a share of the ...
by Chachy
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The next census is still 5 years away, but population changes since the 2010 census already allow us to guess at apportionment changes the next redistricting will bring. Some changes are already ...
by Englishlefty
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Hardly anyone will notice it but today is Election Day in Los Angeles CA. This is the oddest of off year elections because there is no race for Mayor to draw attention. Only the true hardcore ...
by Zack from the SFV
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New South Wales (Australia) will be holding a state election today, the 28th of March, to decide the make-up of its parliament for the next 4 years. Currently New South Wales is governed by the ...
by Alizarin Indigo
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Thanks to the input of Xenocrypt, I was able to get my hands on election data that allowed me to create the map for the 1964 Presidential Election, Results by Congressional District:
by Fuzzybigfoot
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Back in the fall I had the unique pleasure of seeing Sen. Sanders speak at a local bookstore in a small group setting. There were no more than 40 people there, and he stayed for over an ...
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This post is mainly just for show. I will have more analysis later when I have the time. These are not exactly precinct maps, but use census tracts, and only in some areas do they line up exactly. ...
by James Allen
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That is all... #BigBlueNation.
by Da Fireball
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This originally started off as a draft in the comments thread but it was getting too long so I thought I'd turn it into my first diary for Daily Kos and indeed for DKE CF of Aus and the other ...
by AussieforObama2ndterm
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