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If the whole cloven hoof ranch , cow-patty , oaf seeker , mountain out of a molehill men , spider hole digging , I want my grass for free , bullshit had been pre sold to Hollywood to film/televise ...
by indycam
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Photos of cows I've seen in Wyoming Cows crossing frozen lake in Buffalo, Wyoming The most inquisitive cow I've ever come ...
by imbootoo
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I am certain that some will think this story is much a moo about nothing. But I think it behooves us to consider the implications of what at first blush seems like a simply grazy observation. ...
by KAMuston
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I'm an old white guy (OWG). I'm also a life long Democrat. I live in Hawaii which is solid Democrat. I live in a neighborhood filled with other OWGs that are mostly Republicans or worse. One of ...
by hobie1616
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Showing Jerseys at the county fair 4-H dairy show. Did you ever wonder about thse various size and color cows you pass in the country?
by vmdairy
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A View of our Western Pennsylvania dairy from across the valley I have been lurking for a decade on Kos and I sometimes comment, especially when the subject is dairy. I was a dairy ...
by vmdairy
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Our 17th Don't Just Sit There - Do Something! video is out - this time with a focus on climate and food . It was released yesterday so maybe it still counts as a contribution to Meatless Monday? (Or ...
by Dont Just Sit There DO SOMETHING
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Remember how miners would take canaries into mines to warn them of dangers from the build up of dangerous gases from coal mines? Well, in the age of hydrofracking we have a new animal warning us of ...
by Steven D
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Over the holiday weekend, Mrs. ruleoflaw and I had a mini-meetup with Mike Kahlow and Diane Odeen (facebook link) . L to R: ruleoflaw, Diane Odeen, Mike Kahlow . Over coffee, we discussed local ...
by ruleoflaw
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Hunter has a good post up right now called "David Brooks observes Americans will soon be 'mutts,' which does not go over well," http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/07/05/1220991/-David-Brooks-observes-
by Timaeus
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by ruleoflaw
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Fellow Kossack on the cusp wrote a diary, My Dad stole Boney the cow . Most deservedly, it glitters in the middle of the rec list, like the toy you always wanted. I read the diary and fell in love ...
by ruleoflaw
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The news has been pretty awful lately with Congress living up to it's reputation of being less popular than VD and cockroaches and Gov. Walker trying to sell off state assets to fix a great big hole ...
by Puddytat
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Watching Realtime last night Bill Maher's first guest briefly mentioned this TED talk and asked viewers to watch it. I did and its pretty remarkable. I thought it would be of interest to many people ...
by bbrake
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Allan Savory gave his electrifying presentation on Holistic Management this past week TED's first big conference of 2013. Given the "one presentation per day" release schedule of TED, Mr. Savory's ...
by FinchJ
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I am certain that some will think this story is much a moo about nothing. But I think it behooves us to consider the implications of what at first blush seems like a simply grazy observation. ...
by KAMuston
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Join us this evening for a special show on a new project to counter The American Legislative Exchange Council ( ALEC ): The American Legislative Issue and Campaign Exchange ( ALICE ). This is a ...
by Bud Fields
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So this morning I am on the addictive Facebook, (which really insn't a book at all, and probably has done a lot to help destroy the book industry), and I come across one of those stupid posters with ...
by manoffire
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Despite Todd Akin's fucktwittery , in this one spot today, it is going to be beautiful. Today the sky is the clearest blue, the air is just barely crisp, and there should be a high temperature of ...
by GreenMother
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(I wrote the following back in 1979 after a dream about attempting a love session using the big toe.) It was a stupid thing to do. I never want to look at Roger's big toe again. The night ...
by people power granny
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