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Will they exhibit a Wicked Bible "As of 2010, a copy of the Wicked Bible was being offered for sale online, priced at $89,500"
by annieli
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You may know the name Ken Ham from his work founding the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. For those unfamiliar, this museum became a laughingstock landmark to all but the most intrepid ...
by Steven Payne
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The pyramids of Saqqara stand in front of the Nile River Valley like weary sentinels. They act as guardians, looking over a 6 mile wide strip of fecund earth hemmed in by seas of sand. This stretch ...
by Virally Suppressed
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So, in the last year or so we've been hearing an awful lot from Ken Ham, huh? First there was the egging on of Bill Nye to debate him. Now we're hearing about how aliens can't be saved. Nutball, ...
by AlyoshaKaramazov
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There have been a bunch of stories in the press and online about that dinosaur that the creation museum here in Kentucky got. For example: Talking points memo There may have been a diary here, but ...
by estamm
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The far right is once again boycotting Girl Scout cookies because of the Girl Scouts' alleged support for abortion. As we've ...
by Laura Clawson
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A couple of years back, I toured the Creation Museum and interviewed two of their scientists as part of my sabbatical project. I have also read some of their literature including books and watched ...
by SocioSam
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There are people who believe that dinosaurs and men lived together, that they roamed the Earth at the same time. There are museums that children go to, in which they build dioramas to show them this.
by dannyboy1
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but lets him off with just a warning... An employee of Petersburg, Kentucky’s Creation Museum was struck by lightning Wednesday while clearing guests from a zip line attraction at the museum ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Can't build without government help these days. Did you catch this bit of crazy?
by kos
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So there I was, having a light lunch at home and surfing between channels when lo and behold I am entranced by a 30-second commercial for the Creation Museum running on... yeah, you guessed it... ...
by angry marmot
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Here are the basics: In 2007, Answers in Genesis (AIG) brought the anti-science, state of the art and purportedly non-profit "Creation Museum."to Northern Kentucky (a mere 7 miles from the Greater ...
by Save Ohio Now
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The radical transformations of Western Christianity from about 1800 to today can be seen as three acts in an unfinished play.
by DavidsonLoehr
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Say it with me: My country is stupid. My rant switch is set to “on.” Not just the AM Hate Radio dittoheads, nor the teabaggers, the ant-science climate change deniers, the screamers, ...
by Cenobyte
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My lo cal paper, the Bowling Green Daily News is an unabashedly conservative paper. From the editorials to the chopping of headlines, to the op-ed columnists [
by AndrewMC
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So I'm a regular guy, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I'm sitting here in a hotel room outside Cincinnati getting ready for my first visit to the Creation Museum tomorrow morning. Why am I going? ...
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The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky opened in 2007 to present an account of the origins of the universe, life and mankind according to a literal interpretation of the Bible. The museum is ...
by DowneastDem
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If you're like me, sometimes it's just irresistable to check out what the nutjobs on the right are up to on a given day. It's entertaining and, to be sure, often a bit infuriating. But you'd rather ...
by Progcrasticator
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This Sunday, the Cincinnati Reds will host " Faith Day ," sponsored by ...
by Green1010
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A new Creation Museum has recently opened to further the claims of stupid people that Evolution isn't real, the Earth is 6000 years old and that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church every Sunday. ...
by toad734
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