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As if Florida politics weren't already a mess, allegations are surfacing that former Republican Governor Charlie Crist has problems with alcohol, engaged in affairs with at least two men, and ...
by xaxnar
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WHY THE PRESIDENCY MATTERS The ONLY reason it matters who is our President is: The Supreme Court. In his excellent book “The Betrayal of America,” the brilliant trial attorney Vincent ...
by koswriter
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As we all know, Geraldo Rivera works for a Cable Media outlet, Fox, that poses as a news organization but in reality puts out dangerous misinformation and pays their hosts to spew hate and fear .
by cc
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The other day I spoke with a very close friend of mine and for privacy purposes, she will remain anonymous. We were talking about her family back in Brazil and I asked her to show me some pictures. ...
by RoyaHegdahl
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It has been seven years since you declared ...
by Mark E Andersen
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In case any of you are still wondering whether S.C. Governor (and aspirant for national office) Nikki Haley is working, like a whole raft of Republican governors across America, from the DeLuxe ...
by trevzb
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For today's poetic entry, I have once again experimented with an unusual method of prose composition! Simply explained, I recorded a time frame's worth of my personal contemplation and translated ...
by Poetic Mind
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Imagine a world in which a man who is repeatedly investigated for a string of serious crimes, but never prosecuted, has his slate wiped clean every time the cops fail to make a case. ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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We are in the midst of what I believe to be the biggest, most serious political scandal in American history. Every sex scandal, from Clinton-Lewinsky down to Larry Craig, pales by comparison. ...
by Catsy
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Earlier this week, a UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, reported a notable quote from Prime Minister David Cameron. He made the extraordinary observation that the Murdoch wiretapping and police bribery ...
by leveymg
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News Corp is a US company, which owns News International. James Murdoch, Rupert's son who runs News International, may have directed News International to pay bribes to UK police. According to ...
by wytcld
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I remember how disgusted I was after 9/11 to see the people is some parts of the world celebrating over the attacks that killed so many innocent people. Am I supposed to feel differently as I watch ...
by outsider
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I recently got some blunt, if not friendly, advice to "stay in my lane" in terms of what I comment on. Well I have been defending so-called "criminals" for 16 years, so I figured I talk about so-...
by tbrucegodfrey
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You don't say! WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House Office of Political Affairs during the George W. Bush administration violated the law by giving political briefings to ...
by Bardo
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This will not be much of a diary. I am crying and nauseous from what I have just read and am having trouble holding it togehter. But people need to be aware of this because a horrible, horrible ...
by Fokozatos siker
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I began the Right Wing Violence map shortly after the signing of the 2010 Health Care Reform act when ...
by mikeconwell
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by Michael Leon Just off the phone with a veteran who told me U.S. soldiers and Marines often take ...
by MAL Contends
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The reason I registered as a Democrat in 2004 was torture, Iraq and spying on citizens. I considered many in the Bush administration war criminals and still do today.
by fr33d0m
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Predator Drones are used to murder and assasinate. This is a very disturbing article I read in the New Yorker: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/10/26/...
by flash spyder
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For those pissed at Congress giving the middle finger to ACORN and not to other government-contracted groups that have been accused of unethical and illegal activities, you may now break out the ...
by KingofSpades
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