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Gentrification in Skid Row, Los Angeles: Progressive architects of urban repression vs. Creative resistance against all odds. A filmed metanarrative. If you are homeless and mentally ill, living ...
by aSavageCity
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by Cal3bg
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David R. Dow, left. With Franklin. Meet David R. Dow. I've written about him a handful of times on this very site, usually in a space describing laudable educators or men who have motivated me to ...
by Grizzard
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From February 16-28 , there were 38 people killed by police. The deaths happened in 23 different states, €“the highest totals coming from Florida (4), and three apiece for California, Georgia, ...
by revmcpherson
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Last week, the Department of Justice issued the report from the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing . Here, I begin a discussion of those recommendations (section by section), together ...
by revmcpherson
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We're tracking 21 active cases and have 1 in 'inactive' status. There are 6 new cases that will be added to this list in its next iteration. And if you're not hip to what's happening with ...
by revmcpherson
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In the news today it is reported that the City of Cleveland responded to the Tamir Rice lawsuit by saying the “boy’s death was caused because of his own actions.” The city has yet to give much ...
by MaryAEnglish
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Since 2003, more than 6,800 American troops have died as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 2003, more than 7,400 Americans have died during the process of being arrested. That ...
by revmcpherson
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A place to track those police killings that are problematic. This will be updated with each "Body Count/New Cases to Watch" post, approximately every 2 weeks. There are 15 cases being tracked ...
by revmcpherson
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Senator Oletha Faust Goudeau proposed changes in the way that Kansas handles issues of police-related shootings. Senator Goudeau hopes that her legislation, KS-SB-216, provides a framework that ...
by Chris Reeves
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We need to admit it. The NRA is correct. Guns don't Kill People. People Kill People. AND, what the NRA and the firearms industry in this nation have done is make sure that those people likely to ...
by ATexican
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In a somewhat recent diary about our police, focusing on "good cops", I canceled and didn't post a comment to the effect that "Good Cops" are the ones sitting beside the "Bad Cops" in the ...
by enhydra lutris
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In December, Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) in the Department of Homeland Security opened a new FAMILY DETENTION CENTER in Dilley, TX. The new facility will hold up to 2,400 persons. ...
by ATexican
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Protestors against police violence on Black Friday. Twenty years ago, Congress passed a bill requiring the U.S. Department of Justice to gather data and report on instances of "...
by Meteor Blades
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Here is my speech in Lexington KY last week, discussing racism and police brutality post-Ferguson. This is from the MOSAIIC conference, sponsored by Bluegrass Community and Technical College. I ...
by tim wise
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The death of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson sparked protests, isolated episodes of crowd violence in Ferguson, and a horrifying display of tone deaf policing by Missouri police. ...
by ATexican
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“The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. . . . One in every three black male babies born in this century is expected to be incarcerated. . . . We’ve sent a ...
by teacherken
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For years I've enjoyed the pseudonymous writings of "Rumpole" at the Justice Building Blog - this time I feel his posting merits being seen by the Daily Kos community. [http://www.justicebuilding.
by Friend in Miami
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courtesy of Nicholas Kristof in his column for Sunday's New York Times , When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 5 (and there are links for the first four pieces in this series in a sidebar). Each ...
by teacherken
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Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, 1967, in the Oval Office At a time in this nation, when we are facing the deep disparities in our justice system, often spoken of as "Just-Us"—
by Denise Oliver Velez
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