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As discussed here and here , President Obama's saying she (Elizabeth Warren) has got the Facts wrong on this " ...
by jamess
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Mayor Rahm Emanuel names Barbara Byrd-Bennett as the new CEO of Chicago Public Schools at a news conference in October 2012. In a page out of "...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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It seems that the once great state of Texas elected an admitted law breaker as its top cop. It also seems that the law breaker and his network of cronies and protectionists hoped no one would ...
by Libby Shaw
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Since Forbes first published its annual “ World’s Billionaires ” list in 1987, the idea of becoming insanely rich has become a big part of our culture, and is today a form of entertainment ...
by diligentbureaucrat
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And a former Governor, recently indicted for the abuse of power, said he wears his indictment as a badge of honor. This is what happens when there are no term limits. Rick Perry served as the ...
by Libby Shaw
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This is the archetypal American Barn, raised by friendly neighbors. We can do this together, again, now. The “One Big Family” Frame in 2015 By ...
by SusanCStrong
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If those of us long suffering Texans thought Slick's pervasive crony capitalism, Ayn Rand libertarianism, self-serving greed and right wing extremism would disappear with the departure of Rick Perry,
by Libby Shaw
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For those of you that still believe Rahm's lies that our city is safe here is an updated story about his sons' mugging a few feet from the family home.
by Hyde Park Johnny
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According to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel 's top cop, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy who is comparing murder rates to 1965, the per ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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I wrote this diary for Texas Kaos a little over a year ago when the scandal surrounding the taxpayer funded Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas rocked the state. In a Republican state ...
by Libby Shaw
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That's right. A firm hired by the state to detect medicaid fraud and child abuse probes is under investigation for public corruption. (Here is a link to the article that is not behind a paywall.) ...
by Libby Shaw
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Many years ago when my husband and I moved to Houston from Seattle I heard an ad on the radio that perplexed me. We had just moved and had not yet changed our driver's licenses nor had we ...
by Libby Shaw
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Chicago Murders in November 2014 up 50% during the same time last November. In November 2013 there were 28 total murders. There have already been 24 murders as of November 16, 2014 with 14 more days ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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Wendy Davis delivered a damning speech on Thursday at the University of Houston in which she charged Greg Abbott with greed, crony capitalism, his and Austin's culture of corruption. Davis did not ...
by Libby Shaw
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Really, voters? Really? Are we going to continue to re-elect crooks, liars, cowards and snake oil dealers to our top state offices? Are we really going to turn a blind eye to Rick Perry's ...
by Libby Shaw
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Living in a hard right red state in which crony capitalism, pay to politics, the Christian far right, secessionists, generational racists and xenophobes live side by side with reasoned, ethnically ...
by Libby Shaw
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“Crony Capitalism is an outsourcing of American jobs plus walmartization of the whole country” – I.G. MARS NY RATING SYSTEM THE MAIN GOAL of the Made in America Rating System is to push the ...
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Observers of the Emergency Manager Takeover in Michigan tend to believe that this takeover was not accidental or motivated by good intentions by GOP Governor Snyder and his cronies. This interview ...
by peregrine kate
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Arthur C. Brooks, the current president of AEI, is also an op-ed contributor to the New York Times. He writes wonderful, inspiring pieces that just don’t jive with his position as head of a ...
by cherrymapin
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After a deadly Fourth of July weekend, let's reflect on crime in Chicago using some public information that apparently the Attorney General missed Mayor Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Attorney General Eric ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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