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For months before the election, I cried to anyone who would listen that the nation had an important choice to make. Fear and ignorance or reason and science. It was easy because the choice should ...
by Cpqemp
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Ben Affleck, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Chris Hayes and the Establishment versus Bill Maher, Sam Harris, et. all... Or What is Racism? What is Religion? The policy of the emperors and the senate,
by musikate
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I just found this in Reuters about those WTO/TPP "Free-Trade" cult people: Trade is no longer seen as the growth-booster it was before the financial crisis, particularly in emerging economies. Even ...
by Seattle Socialist
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It's Mother's Day!! So 'Happy Mother's Day' to the still sane Mother's who try and raise their children in a growing insane and uncivilized society! All day long while surfing the web news sites I'...
by jimstaro
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In early February, I wrote about Idaho's 'religious freedom' bill proposed by Rep. Lynn Luker (R-Boise). According to Luker, the bill (HB 427) was inspired by a New Mexico case that penalized a ...
by esessis
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The Real Issue Is Whether Religion Has The Right To Control Healthcare? I have sat by patiently as I watch this country get pulled farther and farther back into the Dark Ages. You remember the ...
by Jack Ryan
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That's the subject title, 'Gunfighter Nation', given to last nights PBS show from Moyers & Company , a title of one of Richard Slotkins books.
by jimstaro
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Wow. These guys are really giving me a workout, considering this is supposed to be an off-year. This one qualifies as a personal rant, but with the way things are going, it's impossible to ...
by Crashing Vor
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Everyone who uses the Internet, a good search engine, and is at least a little distractible (or much too curious) has had the experience of starting in one perfectly sensible place, and ending up ...
by pimutant
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(A response to those who say that not attacking the administration over the Prism matter means you're in the "Obama Cult." It's a cult about pushing back in 2014 the tide of crazy lunatics who ...
by Upper West
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Paul Thomas Anderson is my favorite film director who isn’t Scorsese. And even then, it’s getting very close. When I ambled out into the light after the L.A. native’s sixth feature, the ...
by Jennifer A Epps
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There you go Ricky. You have some followers. Fans of Rick Scott Devil Worshipers. They are rallying behind you and I want every so called Christian, Jewish Muslim and Hindu along with non ...
by Vetwife
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Is there anyway we can send these Anti-Muslim Agitators to the Middle East to explain themselves , and then negotiate a peaceful resolution, to the violence now raging? Violence and disruptions, ...
by jamess
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The reporting and punditry in the wake of the death of Sun Myung Moon has left a lot to be desired. Even long, seemingly comprehensive treatments of Moon's life and empire, such as the one that ran ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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Came across this fun video that explains what the Mormon church teaches about how God, aka Elohim, came to be transformed from human to god and how Joseph Smith, a descendant of Jesus, came to be ...
by JTinDC
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If knowledge is power, then what is ignorance? It has been my experience over the past 30 years of doing research and writing about the Religious Right and various of its components, that most of ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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28) God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that ...
by jamess
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It’s the Charge of the Light Brigade, Custer’s Last Stand, Pickett’s Charge. GOP culture warriors are bravely raising the flag of religious freedom (you may stop snickering now) while they ...
by A Mad Mad World
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No, this is not news to many on here but civility and kindness is found in few places. When the puritans set foot on the New World, they quickly summed up the red people as savages. The puritans ...
by Vetwife
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A couple of years ago, during the ascendancy of the Tea Party hullabaloo, I posted an essay here on the similarities ...
by Crashing Vor
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