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UPDATE: I've re-published the "Affordable, Sustainable Housing" series to the Intentional Communities Research and Development Group because the series led to interest in and the formation of the ...
by Words In Action
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One obvious retort to the Second amendment absolutists is that the first three words are 'A Well regulated...'. Thus it is spelled out explicitly that the Federal government has the power to ...
by cuddytom
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Wow. If you can tolerate the sheer offensiveness of the WBC, it's great to see Russell help these guys alienate themselves further from normal folk. And you must see the "WBC Who's going to Hell" ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Even some of the nation's most prominent culture-warriors seem to be getting the message. The country has changed, and if the religious right doesn't change with it, they may wind up stuck out in ...
by Rolandz
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I ran across some material really important to winning in 2012, while doing some digging to post a reply to a comment in the Better Off Without 'Em diary. We've all been watching to see if Obama'
by xaxnar
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I hate this man: Why is he referred to as a "Scholar" Real Scholars conduct real research and publish in Peer Reviewed Journals I am not aware work produced by D'Souza that meets that standard ...
by Jamesleo
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So, you know, we have some principles when it comes to proper treatment of our four-footed cohabitors of Earth ... but evidently these are not universal principles. Behold Iowa Representative ...
by BlackSheep1
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One sees more and more of this on Facebook:
by pwoodford
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by BrianMcFadden
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Headlines would leave the reader believing that there are several wars against modernity. The war on women, the war on religion, the war on drugs, the war on any other war some political marketer ...
by nwreader
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It's crap like this that really causes me to become sick of American Politics. The GOP Fail Doctrine has been the biggest dive into the world of *TEH STOOPID that I can recall in my lifetime. The ...
by GreenMother
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It's commonly claimed that it's a Christian duty to abolish abortion, in accordance with a Biblical teaching that abortion is a sin. However, one Christian's reading of the Bible poses challenges to ...
by RH Reality Check
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This story on Angie's List 's GOP operative turned CEO William Oesterle and his team of top MANagers deserves more attention. Oesterle began his career working for Governor Robert Orr of Indiana, ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Sometimes people forget what an insulated environment this site is, & how in many ways it is not representative of national demographics, where elections happen. It was just earlier this year that ...
by Leftcandid
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To keep the #WaronWomen going, warmongers depend on convincing congregations of American Christians that the Bible commands them to seize control of a woman's right to her own life. If we are to ...
by RH Reality Check
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Hallelujah! Mitt Romney has locked the Republican primary race! What, you didn't think I would feel that way? I've been listening to liberal media pundits talk about the unlikely prospect of Rick ...
by scotnakagawa
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In listening to Santorum / Gingrich / Romney / Catholic bishops, it is fun to measure just how far back they want to go. Santorum and the obvious culture warriors proclaim that it was the 60s that ...
by hof1991
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One of the big reasons I homeschool is to spare my children the school-yard conversion tactics. Sometimes this is a difficult discussion to have. Many Christians have a fundamental lack of ...
by GreenMother
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Indiana State Rep. Bob Morris is a glutton for punishment it appears. Not being content to simply not vote for an innocuous resolution congratulating the Girl Scouts on its centennial, Morris wrote ...
by mhojo
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We knew in our hearts the the continual overreach of the rethuglicans would finally reach the tipping point. And now it has. (Sorry about the commercial)
by glitterscale
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